Killer Idea: The Frostbitten.

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A Killer, forgotten long ago, falling apart, from the cold.

Movement Speed: 4.6 m/s

Terror Radius: 32 Meters.

Lullaby Radius: 8 Meter. (Hides terror radius from survivors when within Lullaby Radius.)

Power: Frostbite: After hitting a survivor with an attack, they gain a Frostbite level. Each level they gain, gives its own bad effect. (They do stack on each other.)

Level 1: Survivors Suffer a 50% less Repair and Healing speed.

Level 2: Survivors Leave a Frost Trail, making scratch marks blue, last longer, and more controlled.

Level 3: Survivors Suffer from a 2% Hindered Effect.

Level 4: Survivors Suffer a additional 3% Hindered Effect, and are Exposed.

Power: Frosty Aura: Press the active ability button for 5 seconds to release a cold wave. This adds 2 levels of Frostbite to anyone within your lullaby, and 1 Level of Frostbite to people in your terror radius. (Kinda like Doctors Static Shock.)

Campfires: 5 Campfires spawn near each generator. Survivors can use these to decrease their Frostbite to level 1.


Iridescent Ones:

Iridescent Ice: A corrupted old ice cube. You no longer have a Terror Radius. Your Lullaby has an Increased Range, up to 40 meters. All Survivors start with Frostbite 1.

Snowpile: A lonely Pile of snow. Survivors can see frost marks. If a survivor steps on Frostmarks, their Frostbite level increases by one. This cannot make survivors go to Frostbite 4.

Purple Ones:

Ice Mirror: Survivors can no longer get past Frostbite Level 2. Survivors can no longer use Campfires. Survivors who step on Frost Marks have their aura revealed for 5 seconds.

Frozen Chess Board: People who have Frostbite Level 4 replace pallets with Frozen Pallets. Frozen Pallets break when dropped. These still stun you. (Kinda like Party Pallets.)

Frozen Flip Phone: Survivors that use Campfires have killer instinct for 5 seconds. Survivors that use Campfires while in Frostbite 4 are exposed for 5 seconds.

Green ones:

Frosty Clock: Survivors who are at Frostbite 4 cannot see you from 36 meter away.

Snowy Horse Shoe: Survivors who are frostbiten get 1% Hindered.

Frozen Baby Doll: For Every Survivor Frostbiten, each survivor get a 3% slower repair and healing speed. If all four survivors are frostbiten, everyone gets a 15% slower repair and healing speed.

Yellow ones:

Snow Boots: Survivors in Frostbite 3 and 4 get 2% Hindered in addition to the previous hindered effect.

Dry Ice: Survivors in Frostbite 3 or higher have their generators emitting a cool mist, up to 16 meters wide.

Frozen Scope: Your Obsession starts at Frostbite 1.

Gray ones.

Cozy Mittens: Survivors can use campfires to completely get rid of Frostbite. Gain 100% Bloodpoints in the Freeze Category.

Cold Campfire: Their is one less Campfire in the trial.


Frozen Destruction: Destroy Actions have a delay of 4/3/2 seconds. You damage objects 100% faster.

Frosty Bones: Every Survivor hooked, gain a token, up to a maximum of 4/6/8. For each token, survivors vault speed is 1/2/3% less, and your vault speed is 1/2/3% Faster.

Chilly Deconstruction: After a Generator is completed, each survivor gets a 1/3/5% Hindered for 3/7/10 seconds.


  • Vithar
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    Curious one. The overall mechanics seems to be well balanced in a matter of counterplay. Maybe I would add a twist that using Frosty Aura freezes campfire in lullaby radius for 60-90 seconds (should be longer than Aura's cooldown to give him an opportunity to disable two at a time, but with visible time shift between them reactivating). This way survivors won't remove frostbite the moment they gain it. Also – removing frostbite by one survivor should also lock campfire to others – this way coordination would be enforced – quite like with Nemesis' vaccine or Wesker's antivirus spray.

    Different approach would be campfires as a limited resource (like mentioned vaccine or spray). In this variant The Frostbitten won't interfere with them, but survivors could deplete them – even very fast if using recklessly.

    I'm not sure if Iridescent Ice isn't too strong. Maybe giving lullaby 36 meters like terror radius would be more tame. After all we still gain additional stealth, plus building up frostbite is way faster (especially when snuffing out the campfires variant is in play).

    Also, I don't understand how "Frozen Deconstruction" and "Frosty Bones" works.

    Frozen deconstruction seems do be punishment more than a perk. You slow yourself tremendously to later break a thing faster? Where is the gain? All the speed you gain makes you at least at 0 gain level, when we consider Tier 3 of the perk. This doesn't encourage using this perk – even for fun.

    Frosty Bones on the other hand, lacks clarity. Hooking a survior gives him a token, or for The Frostbitten? Is the buff/debuff cumulative to all survivors, or is only active on ones hooked – being active only when they live, and killer's buff is sum of debuffs on survivors? Are the limit counted totally, or per survivor? I imagine, that this perk works as cummulative buff/debuff, but description leaves a field for interpretation.

    Also, I think, that this perk might be a bit to strong as a non-hex perk, or at least not limited to Scourge Hooks.

    Overall: I like the concept of The Frostbitten. It would be quite interesting killer based on new type of counterplay, like Doctor's madness or Sadako's condemn. I hope someone from the devs would stop by here and take notes ;-)