Survivor Creations: The Magnus Archives

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These are concepts for 2 Survivors, based on a horror podcast "The Magnus Archives". This is my favourite Podcast (and chuffed "The Magnus Protocol" is now starting!), so wanted to see how two of the main characters from the original would fare in the realm:

Survivor 1.

Jonathan Sims

Perk 1. Make Your Statement

The Eye grants you the power to compel others to give their statements. Whenever you are within 8m/12m/16m of another player, press the Secondary Action button to read what Perks, Items, Add-ons and Offerings they have.

"he was there, and I just - asked." - Jonathan Sims

Perk 2. Boon: The Pupil

From this vantage point, you can see everyone's suffering. Once a Boon is lit, anyone within the 24m radius will be able to see all Killer belongings, all injured and dying Survivors, and whether they have any status effects affecting them, shown on the HUD. If you are able to see an injured Survivor whilst within, you alone can heal a health state when unseen by the Killer, within 4m of the Boon, which takes 10/9/8 seconds.

"To someone so close to it, I imagine it would be a state of ... agonised bliss" - Jonathan Sims

Perk 3. Static Boon: Ceaseless Watcher

"Static Boon" is a new Perk variation, similar to a regular Boon, except it appears on a random Totem and, once snuffed, cannot be reused. If all Totems in the game are lit, this Perk will appear on an additional Totem.

Ceaseless Watcher refocuses fear back on to those who wish to deal it. Whilst lit, anytime you stun or blind the Killer, the Killer loses the ability to form its special power for 20 seconds. Additionally, it loses the use of 2/3/4 random Perks for 30 seconds. The effects cannot be stacked and, if more than one Survivor brings this Perk in, they occupy the same Totem.

"Ceaseless Watcher, turn your gaze upon this wretched thing" - Jonathan Sims

Survivor 2.

Martin Blackwood

Perk 1. Testament

The need for others to be okay touches on those you help. After healing a Survivor, that Survivor now counts all Good Skill Checks as Great, and all Great Skill Checks are now twice as effective. This effect lasts for 30/35/40 seconds.

"Just ... everyone please make it back home?" - Martin Blackwood

Perk 2. Boon: The Lonely

To retreat from pain, you go to a place where nobody will find you. When a Dull Totem is lit, an area of 24m radius is covered. Within this area, you become invisible to the Killer and other Survivors. However, you cannot do any actions whilst invisible and can still be hit. Your footsteps can cause the fog to move as you move. The effect lasts for 2/4/6 seconds upon leaving the Boon's area of effect.

"It's not a good comfort, it's the kind that makes you fade, makes you dim and - distant" - Martin Blackwood

Perk 3. Static Boon: Poetry In Motion

Despite your unassuming nature, you stand up, defending those you love, and fight. After the Killer is stunned or blinded by you by any means 2 times, a Dull Totem will light up into Static Boon (if none are available, a new Totem will appear and light up, or it will share the Totem with any already existing Static Boons). Once lit, the Killer's aura-reading ability is restricted to 64/52/40m until the Static Boon is snuffed.

"I'm the antichrist's plus-one!" - Martin Blackwood