New Killer/Chapter: The Clicker (The Last of Us)

ThelastofKev Member Posts: 1

Hi all!

So I am going to be completely honest and say i’m new to the game, haven’t played it yet but love watching the youtube videos online! (I know i’m lame but my ex controlled what we played or didn’t play🙄)

Anyways I think a really cool concept could be the Clicker enemy type from the last of us!

The Clicker would be a blind character that uses the same kind of ability as joel did in the game where it can sense, and listen to players through the walll, or can also use its clicking ability to see where the survivors are in its line of sight.

They would be a decent but slower speed character but I think another cool concept would be that there’s fungal spores that can grow around the map that the Clicker can go to release the spores in a area of effect for a bit to close of generators or loops.

I’d say to makeup for the slow speed, not real ability to see the map, the clicker could makeup for this by having the same kind of zombie helpers like Nemesis, or even have other clickers on the map that can make sounds and noises to disorient or gain map knowledge on where survivors are at, that the killer could also teleport too if they find a spot where they can leave their fungal growth etc.

Let me know what y’all think :)!