Killer Concept: The Outlaw

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Weapon: Golden Rod

A bar of pure gold that's as long as The Outlaw himself.

Power: Devilish Trick

When looking at a survivor press the Power Button to throw a Coin when the Coin hits the survivor The Outlaw will teleport behind the survivor and instantly follow up with a Golden Strike that gives the hit survivor Deep Wound but gives their following speed boost an extra 50% speed.

Hitting a survivor with a Coin or the following Golden Strike fills half of a survivor meter called Glittering Gold once filled survivors will Glitter making them easier to spot. Glittering survivors have their aura shown every time a generator is repaired, their auras will also be shown if they start opening an exit gate.

If the survivor hit by the Golden Strike is Glittering the Deep Wound timer is halved and the additional speed for the survivor's speed boost is 25% instead.

Devilish Trick has a cooldown of 20 seconds, during the cooldown The Outlaw's movement speed increases to 4.6m/s.

Thanks Boss:

Injuring a Glittering survivor from healthy to injured with a basic attack calls upon The Entity to block all window vaults and dropped pallets withing The Outlaw's terror radius for 5 seconds.

Let's Party:

When all four survivors are Glittering press the Secondary Power Button to start a Party that lasts for 60 seconds. The Outlaw bursts into a golden state enhancing him. While a Party is active The Outlaw has a movement speed of 4.6m/s and increases his vault speed and pallet, generator and breakable walls break speed by 35%.

During a Party, every 15 seconds survivors will scream and have their aura shown for 3 seconds.

At the end of a Party all survivors are cleansed of Glittering Gold.


Don't Fall For Me:

Every time you enter a chase with a survivor, the survivor will become Exhausted for 6/8/10 seconds. Once the chase ends their Exhaustion will be removed.

Don't Fall For Me only works once per survivor but can be used again after a generator is repaired and stays active after the exit gates are powered


When a survivor escapes a chase their aura is shown for 5 seconds. If a chase is started while the survivors aura is shown they will see your aura for 5/4/3 seconds.

Hex: A Fair Fight:

After injuring a survivor a Dull Totem becomes lit.

While Hex: A Fair Fight is active all survivors have 12% slower repair speed, have their vault speed halved and are effected with Obliviousness however you have your movement speed reduced by 0.2m/s and have your pallet breaking speed slowed by 15%.

After Hex: A Fair Fight is cleansed survivor repair speed is increased by 5% and killer basic attack cooldown is 8% faster for 60 seconds.

Red Addons

Iridescent Map:

During a Party generators are blocked by The Entity for the first 30 seconds.

Gold Coin:

During a Party Devilish Trick has no cooldown.

Parties only last 30 seconds.

Brief Backstory:

The Outlaw began to directly serve The Entity after doing battle with it and being beat, The Entity gave him the option of be sent to The Void forever or serve it in the trials, out of pure self interest The Outlaw began killing in the trial. While not despising killing The Outlaw would rather a Fair Fight, but so be it.

Before entering the realm The Outlaw was a nameless man from the harsh west, a dangerous man with a strange weapon that seems to draw people to it meaning The Outlaw had to fight many people trying to claim his prized Golden Rod which would grant him many great abilities that come along with the prior mentioned downside. The Outlaw spent his time stealing valuables and always enjoyed the family heirlooms he would steal and collect, but he was a sympathetic man and never kept stolen valuables long, not before gloating about it to others. Always for the glory.

His over the top personality always drew the ire of those around him, always gloating of his skill and drawing the attention of people who admired him and were just watching alike, this is what lead to his first interaction with The Entity. A cloaked group approached a barkeeper at the bar The Outlaw frequented to show off. The Outlaw, noticing this, approached the individuals to question their business with them to which they left without a word, slightly damaging The Outlaw's pride, the barkeeper was finally going to get what he wanted, he wanted gone the loud and arrogant weirdo. The floor opens to a bellowing pit, The Outlaw commands the other people to flee, but he and the barkeeper are swallowed.

They come to a rough landing, the barkeeper is suddenly stabbed from the floor by a pitch black protrusion, the price of such a distasteful summoning of the Entity. The Outlaw is now face to face with the immense pressure of The Entity, angered by the killing of a man who, to his knowledge, had done him no wrong. He takes up arms and uses the greatest amount of power he's ever called from the Golden Rod and a battle ensues. As any altercation with The Entity goes the battle was fairly lopsided to it's favor but it wasn't without small injuries but The Outlaw had used to much of the Golden Rods power, permanently turning his right arm and part of his shoulder to gold. Inspired by The Outlaw's strength and fervor The Entity speaks to him offering him either forgiveness in the form of servitude or eternal punishment in the void. Swallowing his pride for the sake of survival was the option he chose and he now serves his time in the trials..

After enough time of servitude passes and The Entity honors its deal and takes The Outlaw periodically to the overworld to let him run loose full of people to gloat to and things to steal, this creates a strong bond between The Entity and The Outlaw, after all he's the only trial-goer aloud to somewhat freely leave the trials for a time, this emboldens him as he would always make the best of his time so he began putting his utmost into the trials, Unknowingly turning himself into The Entity's perfect soldier.

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