Nemesis vs Wesker

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In a RE battle to the death. Who wins?

Nemesis vs Wesker 24 votes

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  • ares_theos7
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    Imma be honest Nemesis is definitely gonna win if it's a straight fistfight, but I think if they knew they were gonna fight and had prep time I think Wesker clears.

  • OneAutumnLeaf
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    You do realize wesker is way faster then nemesis right? wesker would pummel nem in a fist fight.

  • Tyler3
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    I honestly prefer Nemesis as a character, but in a fight, Wesker wins 7/10. In terms of raw strength, Nemesis probably wins, but Wesker is also extremely strong and has reflexes fast enough to dodge a bullet. He's also way more intelligent than Nemesis. However, if Wesker made a mistake during the fight, Nemesis could pick him up and probably effortlessly crush his skull. Not to mention Nemesis can mutate to a colossal size too. So I guess it really just depends on the place and situation, but Wesker most likely wins.