Change The Alien's chase theme

zeromorph Member Posts: 9

I know its already been a while but I think Aliens theme should be changed back to its PTB version or its PTB version but tweak it. In my opinion the current live theme isn't a bad theme for a killer but it just doesn't fit the alien.

The PTB version was much more eerie and fit the alien much better due to it sounding like its something unknown. The main problem about it wasn't even the entire thing but just the actual chase because of the short loop and loud alarm, the layers 1-3 were really good which could have been kept and just tweaked the chase theme (4th layer), that I think would have created a great chase theme for alien.

What does everyone think?

Change The Alien's chase theme 16 votes

Keep current chase theme
BasementDwellersizzlingmario4Marc_123BbySugaryOreosmizark3OrangeBearTheSingularityAstelTieBreakerTommyDorkelson 10 votes
Change back to PTB theme
Alex_Smoe 2 votes
Change back to PTB theme but tweak it
zeromorphCorvusCorax86jonifireTyler3 4 votes