Steal these Killer Concepts

Some of my Killer ideas, which I wouldn't be opposed to seeing explored in some way.

The Teacher (inspired by Miss Trunchbull)

Detention: When carrying a survivor, The Teacher has the option to Hook a survivor Inside of a Locker.

Lockers containing a survivor jostle, and make noises, on top of the normal Aura reading friendly survivors would have to locate a hooked teammate.

Addons: Some would revolve around additional effects for being in detention, such as additional skill check while on second stage, or Exhaustion upon being unhooked from a Locker.

1x Iridescent Addon: Prevent aura reading on survivors Hooked in a Locker. The game suddenly becomes a mad dash to triangulate based on the down location, and locker noises to find your trapped teammate.

The Pirate

Sailor's Hook: The Pirate can rip down a Sacrificial Hook from the map. They can tear down up to 4, and they are disabled for 180sec when removed in this way. If the 180sec times out, the associated hook they're carrying leaves their inventory (use it or lose it).

They can throw the hook. The thrown hook flies in a disc shaped projectile (like a boomerang or bolas). It travels a short distance in a flat direction, before falling sharply until it meets an obstacle. It hits all survivors in it's travel distance.

When winding up for a throw, the default height of a throw is at head height for survivors. This makes optimal range to be at this height, but also allows survivors to duck under the disc-shaped projectile.