Is there a reason that no one is using Party Streamers during the event?

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So far in my probably 60 games i've seen maybe a total of 10-15 BPS or their anniversary equivalent. I've been using them non stop.

I expected everyone to use them for even more BP. Do they not work or something? Would really like to know in case i waste my BPS's.

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  • Wowie
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    because in the last 30 prestiges i've gotten 10 of them and now i have none

  • Shroompy
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    I dont understand either. Ive only had a few games where all 5 people used cakes/bps, and I got like 500k from that singular game

    Im bouta learn how to jump into the monitors of people so I can show them a really poor drawing of a cake

  • VomitMommy
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    Maybe most players simply run out of cakes / BPS during the year?

    I was expected to have farming festival nonstop, but it's really rare to see more than 2 cakes, so reality is same / worse than during anniversary.

    I expected more people farming to be honest.

  • Quink
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    I just dont see how you not could have BPS's. Almost everyone i know who play regularly save all BPS and anniversary BPS for events and bloodhunts. I myself is sitting on 600 anniversary BPS from all previous years and 300 normal BPS's. Still i can't really complain since i'm getting on average 220k BP per game as survivor and close to 300k average on killer.

  • stonedcandle
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    I've had nothing but the nicest of killers during the event. I've been let out a handful of times, quite a few of them I wasn't even the last survivor.

    But I also don't play like a dbag.

    I ran out of them quickly. They're oddly really rare considering they're just a green.

  • Unknown2765
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    tbf.. i used some cakes i had left, and all i got in return was tunneling.

    now im just saving them for when my swf plays.

  • Green_Sliche
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    People bring those, get killed in the first minute of the match afterwards. It's no wonder they go for Escape Cakes instead as survivors. Same happens to killers - get genrushed with 1 hook and the next match it's all sins of hell commit with salty pudding. Some people just don't want to have fun anymore.


  • Killing_Time
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    Bro honestly BHVR made it harder to get them from the web

  • Nazzzak
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    Because I think they're cursed at the moment. Every time I decide to throw up BPS or an anniversary cake, everyone is dead at 4/5 gens. So I'm just using escape cakes.

  • TieBreaker
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    I had this earlier. I brought the streamers to a few matches, killer hard tunnels and so most survivors got next to no points in those matches. It felt bad.

    But the minute I took them off, I met a chill killer who brought the killer equivalent and made sure everyone got a chance to build up points. Then proceeded to kill everyone. Maybe the streamers are just cursed.

  • MrDardon
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    Because some people don't have the time to play 10 hours a day.

  • Aven_Fallen
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    The last time I brought a BPS (alongside one other Survivor, so two BPS in total), the Killer tunneled everyone and then humped me on the ground. And said in Postgame Chat "Thank you for the Streamers" (which was most likely genuine, it did not look like they were mocking us or anything).

    And since Killers play like they are in some e-sports tournament during events, people simply dont bring Party Streamers anymore. As 4 man-SWF maybe, but thats about it. It is just frustrating if you bring an Offering and the Killer gets the most of it while you yourself end up on minimal Bloodpoints because you as Survivor got tunneled out.

    At least this is my reasoning for not bringing them anymore.

  • I_CAME
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    I don't bring them out of spite. I don't want to give killers anymore bloodpoints than they are already getting. I have thousands of anniversary cakes too.

  • Chocolate_Cosmos
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    I will just add that if nobody runs BPs for everyone then killer will have no reason to play nice for others since they prob just took map offerings or personal offerings instead and killer has no benefits from playing nice other than loosing more points and match.

    So it is just endless cycle then. Survivors don't want to bring cakes because they don't want to not get value out of them if they die early and Killers won't play any nicer than usualy because its just standart round.

  • Hannacia
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    I gave streamers and cakes but i noticed the other survivors and the killer would not. So i stopped wasting mine and just rewarding others with more bloodpoints.

    Also yesterdays matches i got knockout bubba who slugged everyone at 5 gens, comp blight that tunneled first person in 5 gens and just camping killers so im kinda over rewarding that with more bloodpoints :(

    Also got 1 hacker survivor and the usual distortion calm spirit gamers.

  • Seraphor
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    BPS and Anniversary cakes do not multiply event BP bonuses.

    Let's say you have a game where you get a bass score of 20K, that's 20K worth of regular, non-event score events.

    Then you add on 30K of unique Blood Moon score events for a total of 50K.

    Then the Blood Moon +400% multiplier is applied and turns that 50K into 250K.

    BPS only multiplies your base 20K score. Which means you're 250K becomes 270K.

    Is It more BP? Yes

    Is it any more profitable than using outside of the event to turn a basic 20K game into 40K? No

    There is no need to use BPS now over using them at any other time.

    Of course if all 5 bring them, that turns your base 20K into 120K and you get a total of 350K, which is impressive. But you're still not improving your BP gains over what you would usually get outside of the event.

    So there is no incentive to use them during the event. You're better off saving them for your 4-man SWF games so you can share them with your friends, or if killer, saving them for games where you don't feel like a map or mori offering would be more worthwhile.

  • MaTtRoSiTy
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    The reason I started only using Escape Cakes is the conduct of killers - I bring BPS as do team mates, killer sweats like its a tournament with the usual tunnel and camp and I regret bothering.

    You would think that when you get a lobby of cakes/BPS as killer you would want to spread out hooks and have some kind of a match but nope, apparently not.

    Edit: I bring cakes every time with killer though as I have so many on some killers its no big thing and I am more than happy to let 2 or even 4 survivors go as the BP earned are so awesome at present.

  • Seraphor
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    Question for those who say they don't bring BPS/Anniversary cakes because of tunneling killers:

    Do you expect killer conduct to change for the better at some point in the future?

    Do you think you can 'predict' when a killer will tunnel or not tunnel before the match begins?

    Otherwise what exactly do you think you're saving your BPS for?

    I get wanting to save them for games with friends, so that you're sharing with people you know. But to write them off entirely because you hate all other players just reeks of pettiness and vindictiveness.

    Games will always be a coin flip. You can win one with max BP score, and be eliminated at 5 gens in the next one. You can't predict them, so you have nothing to go on when deciding to bring BPS. So there's really no reason not to bring them to any given game, unless as I said, friends are a factor, or you have other better offerings to run.

    Losing out yourself because you're too preoccupied with what other people are getting, cutting off your nose to spite your face, is a toxic trait, and one of the many factors that drive unsportsmanlike behaviour in this game.

    What other people do or get shouldn't concern you. Once your game is over, they're not thinking about you, and they're certainly not lamenting the fact you didn't bring BPS. Break the cycle of toxicity.

  • Krazzik
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    BPS are really rare in the bloodweb and many people have ran out of Terrormisu. It really is that simple for most people.

  • RoastedGarlic
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    I have plenty saved up all around, but i still don't use them. I don't really have a reason for it other than soloq sucks. I do bring them as killer though.