PSA: Bardic Inspiration's buff falls off if you leave the caster's 16m range

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As title suggests, even if the entire 15 second performance is completed, the buff falls off for all affected survivors the moment they stray 16m away from the caster. You can see this happen in the last 10 seconds of the clip, demonstrated by the buff icon on the bottom right.


This perk is officially even worse than I thought, since you need to be near people 24/7 to make use of the buff. The effect isn't even good, as you can see the survivors only got 5 skill checks in one generator - which is the number of skill checks you need to break even on the time wasted to cast it assuming you rolled a 20 on the performance.

While I do not know how high that other survivor rolled on performance, I am almost certain it was not a 20, meaning the act of using the perk, despite a seemingly ideal situation under normal circumstances, was a waste of time.

I keep saying this, but I'm really disappointed by how bad these new perks are.

Edit: The 'Update' response I gave in this thread shows that practical value can be obtained from Bardic Inspiration. If anyone wants to use this perk as more than a meme, it is possible to get real value from it! Basically just pair it with Prove Thyself.

The other 2 perks still suck though.

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  • Beaburd
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    I just realized that the buff itself centers around the user, meaning you do not have to be in range when its cast to get the benefits of the buff. Even if the user cast it 30 seconds ago, if you get within 16m of the user, you will receive the buff for as long as you remain within range.

    Slightly better than I thought in hindsight.

    Though even if you do another generator in the time remaining (which seems there is time for), it takes ~17 skill checks to break even on a 2-10 roll and 9 on a 11-19 roll. Given everyone had 5 skill checks on that one generator, chances are you still get no value out of it even if you find another immediately after. That's assuming everyone stays with you and does a generator.

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    Love the perk but not expecting anyone to run it for gens anyway, gonna see a whole lot of steguls having a blast though.

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    The fact you are locked into a 15 second animation just to get a variable bonus added to skill checks that is based on an aura around you is not worth it at all.

    Too much of a time commitment for such an rng effect.

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    This sucks, Bardic could have been a niche but useful perk. Now it's just a pure meme perk and that's really lame.

  • Beaburd
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    Found a practical use for this perk on reddit, to the point I feel justified in including it in some builds for reasons other than memes. The main enabler of this perk is 'Prove Thyself', and if anyone is interested, calculations around the benefits of this perk when paired with it can be found in a reddit thread, linked below:

    If you have to duo a generator and cannot separate to solo them, it is possible to get value from this perk (albeit still not likely to get much, if any). HOWEVER, if you, the Bardic Inspiration caster, also have Prove Thyself, it is always a net benefit to use this perk. Depending on the skill checks and roll, the benefit can be very high as well.

    So if you use Bardic and want value from it, consider using Prove Thyself as well and standing near the gen to give Prove Thyself to others while you play.

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    Let's be real, the primary reason people were going to run this was to pull out a lute mid match, the effect was always going to be secondary. That doesn't really excuse it being so hard to use, but the main goal was achieved nonetheless.

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    I serenade my way to escape with it. Think outside the box 📦 Got myself out alive 4 times today (3 trials I got everyone out)

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