[New Killer/Survivor Idea]

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[Killer idea]
[Name] Harrison Grimm
[Nickname] The Reaper
[Weapon] Scythe
[Ability] Death Swing
Reaper does a dashing swing attack hitting anyone within its radius injurying the survivor and slowing reaper down.


[Grimms Mark]
Any Survivor will have a marking effect for 10 seconds
If the survivor goes out of heatbeat range of the reaper aura is revealed as long as the marking is still applied.

[Hand of Misfortune]
Applies only to the obsession.

If the obsession enters the game with an obsession perk that perk is replaced with the Hand of Misfortune and becomes
useless for the rest of the game by the hand of the entity.

[Hate of Kin]
Gains action speed for each secondary action done
Swinging,Trapping,Vaulting,Checking lockers,Kicking Pallets,Uncloaking,Putting people to sleep


Harrison Grimm was once a wealthy man but all of the wealthy went to his head and he ended up losing those who were dear
like his wife and his daughter all due to his drinking problem. One day Harrison went out and wanted to seek revenge on those
Who took his daughter away from him Harrison would fill with rage he would swear that he would get revenge until revenge met him in the forum
of the entitys hand reaching out offering him immense power if he followed its wish only to be sucked into a world of deception and pain

Grimms scythe was forged from the bones of the survivors at the entitys wish the scythe was bestowed to harrison to carry out the entitys

[Name] Jessica Matthews

[Lore] Attorney who faught to get Rachial Grimms away from Harrison Grimms who the entity as promised to Harrison Grimms would bring into his
world as a gift if Harrison agreed to its wishes


Promises one more chance at vaulting before the entity blocker

[Code of Law]
Gain 3% repair speed when you save someone off the hook for 25 seconds

[Guilty by Choice] [Obsession Perk]
Start the trial with a marking on you allowing the killer to see you if you are out of his heart beat radius for 1 minute gain extra
bloodpoints for the killer chasing you.

Keep in mind this is something i just randomly wanted to make simply because id love a killer with a scythe anyway let me know what you think if you like it let me know why if you hate it again id love to know why thank you for your time.


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    You didnt add 3 teirs for each perk and the description of the ability is a bit vague.
    For example, what is the killers movement speed, lunge, radius, addons, mori?