New Killer Idea: The Ritualist

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Barren Smith was a Detective, he loved what he did, Unsolving mysteries, catching crime makers and more... He did it more as a hobby, more then a job however he took it very seriously. But one day.. He had a case, of a missing person. He didn't think much of it. He thought he was gonna uncover all the mysteries behind it. But sooner than later. More and more people have gone missing, and there was never a body found.. Just the tears of their families. Barren became obsessed with this case. As more and more people wen't missing. Some we're lost in the woods. Some just vanished into thin air. He could find traces, but he never found where they led to. Until 1 day. He finally unsolved the mystery. He was taking a walk in the woods and saw somebody else, they had a guitar and a lovely voice. Barren couldn't help but spy on this figure.. Then, this peaceful moment soon turned into what seemed like a crime scene. A dark hole opened in the sky and what seemed like spider legs came down. The girl tried to fight back but she couldn't. She was gone. And it looked like nothing ever happened. All that was left was a guitar. Barren was released of what has been on his mind for so long. He finally knew what he had to do. He had to get that. Thing. To come back again. Barren became even more obsessed. Sleep and his family was out of the question. He started to worship this entity like his god. He would capture small animals, and sacrifice them by carefully slitting their throat. And gradually moved to people. Soon enough, the god was pleased. And absorbed Barren into his realm. Where now. The real fun starts.

The Ritualist wears a cloak with the curse of the entity (Black legs cover him, like the ones of the hook) and his weapon is the claw of the entity.

Power: Entity's Gift
The Ritualist has been given the powers of the entity. By doing a ritual. He may have different abilities.
Rituals can be interrupted by survivors, causing The Ritualist to be stunned. (Only 1 ritual can be active at a time)

Curse of Madness - Cause the survivor to go into madness. Seeing illusions of The Ritualist, Pallets, and impaired vision
Curse of Binding - Cause 2 survivors to be binded. Binded survivors share pain and skill checks. (If 1 binded survivor gets injured, the other binded survivor gets injured aswell, however if 1 binded survivor gets put in the dying state. The other survivor gets injured and their groans of pain are 50% louder)
Rite of Blocking - While this ritual is active. The Ritualist may block any windows, pallets or doors temporally.
Rite of Summoning - The Ritualist may call the entity to work a side him and help him track the last survivor.

Terror Radius : 32m
Movement Speed : 115%
Normal Lunge

MORI: The Ritualist calls upon the entity to kill his victim. Dark Legs come down from the sky, going straight threw the legs, then arms, then head of the survivor.


The thought of getting hurt makes survivors tremble in fear. Injured survivors receive a hindered effect of 3/4/5% (This does not affect survivors with No Mither)

Hex: Calming Presence
When ever a survivor is 8/16/24m away from a hooked survivor. The hooked survivor's sacrificial progress is 15/20/25% faster
The hex effect persists as long as the related Hex Totem is standing

You become obsessed with 1 survivor. When chasing your obsession, all other survivors receive a 5/10/15% reduction speed to Healing, Sabotaging and Repairing. The obsessed survivor gets a 3/5/7% speed bonus to Healing, Sabotaging and Repairing.