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Going to compile everything I think would improve the game for both killers and suvivors. I'll try my best to be fair to both playstyles but by all means the game is great but could be much better. Some suggestions will be things i've read and am just adding here so I don't take full credit for all of this.

Gameplay -

Pallets -

Please, lower the amount of pallets in the game. When i'm playing either killer or survivor, it's clear there is FAR too much safety to be had pallet forests.

First Stage Hook -

I've come to see a lot of games as survivor, players don't care about you. Especially if it's 3 premade with just you by yourself. So, I think a way to give players a second chance without it being unfair to a killer would remove the chance to unhook yourself. Instead give it you can successfully unhook yourself for the first stage. This however will put you at a disadvantage the rest of the game with a -25% change to all actions the rest of the game. Perhaps insta death on next hook. Not reward altruism to team players for the unhook. Make it a last resort for players, but it feels bad when a killer is hardcore face camping you or your team mates just really don't care if you live or die.

Generator Parts -

So, gen rushing is a thing. It's a huge thing and as a survivor who likes to not sit on gennys constantly. They still finish all of them faster then I can break all the totems or do something else for fun. So I agree with the position i've seen around the map. Have a part that needs to be installed to fully finish a gen. Let the gens work as normal however until a survivor installs a final part, it will not count towards the 5. Perhaps give 10 points to a survivor who installs it and give it like a 3-5 second install time.

Face Camping-

Just had a game where I spawned within the doctors terror radius, ended up getting downed within 30 seconds due to some bad choices with no pallets. Had the doctor stand over my body. Long story short, I got 4 none emblems lol. I know there are perks to help and try to relieve this but an actual coded fix could help. I suggest if a killer is within 5-10-15 meters depending on what is the least broken (I understand killers can still face camp but at least they can't basically guarantee any chance of your escape.

Implement a debuff killers get which reduces entities pleasure of the trial when seeing a killer getting his rocks off at a survivor hanging. For every 3-5-8 seconds a killer stands within a certain radius of a hooked survivor. The entity slows its stage progression by a certain %. This way survivors can't abuse it and the killer is more stressed to actually play the game.

Perk Changes -

Self-Care -

So the change coming to self care is interesting at most, I would recommend you ensure players who want to heal someone using self care can pick up the healing without that player stopping. At no point do I see a benefit in someone self caring over getting healed unless that player just is anti team. To ensure no trolling can be had from this, ensuring the person self caring can resume the heal within the next 3 seconds of the person stopping without loss of progress to avoid trolls who just tap you once to stop your self care then run away leaving you at the 1% they healed.'

No Mither -

I'm sure this has been suggested a lot but please, for the love of god. Give it 100% reduction in moans and groans. That perk is already risky enough, don't make it a requirement to take iron will.

Technician -

I would let this perk have a higher rate of success as it's mainly a new player perk who aren't use to skill checks. Perhaps lower the amount a gen regresses upon missing a skill check to give it a bit more shine to more seasoned players who wouldn't mind something to combat ruin a bit.

Surveillance -

Allow this perk to see gens that have recently had any regression on them including missed skill checks or good skill checks with ruin in play. As of right now, just seeing gens you have kicked is very very weak.

Spies From The Shadows -

With how easy it is to NOT set off birds, give it a 100% with a 5-10 second cool down.

Blood Warden -

Not a bad perk but super weird to use. Give it a 30 second grace period after hooking a survivor that if an exit gate is opened. The perk activates blocking off exit gates. (I've used this perk once and hooked someone apparently within a second of the exit gate being opened so it did not go off lol.

Barbecue & Chili -

Possibly the best perk in the game for killers for good reason. I would nerf a bit by letting you see survivors until they're in your terror radius. So if they are just within 40 meters and are running to you. Or if you're hill billy racing across the map to them. You actually have to use your nose to find them.

All Hex Perks -

Remove the flames from hex totems or don't let people see them that aren't effected with the hex itself. Playing killer and survivor. I can tell you 90% of games, they're gone within 30 seconds of a game starting.

Character Customization -

Item Skins - So like with charges, you should be able to buy skins for your items that apply to all your items you take into the trial. You can either stick with dark horrors or give players (like me) a bit more cute things. Like a toy toolbox or a flash light with some fun things to point at walls for other survivors or to stun the killer with cuteness.

Leader -

So, since the new update to emblems. I avoid this perk like cancer, it may not be a huge deal but if you think about it. Bringing leader actually hurts you at getting emblems and pips. If you and someone do a gen together. They'll finish more charges thus taking some away from you from the buff leader gives, same with healing an ally with someone else. As well as it's better to let people unhook and do the exit gate if you have leader since it'll increase your chance at surviving the trial.

Private Matches -

So, as someone who loves KYF. It would be nice if in private matches we had more customization to the matches along with special rules we can implement. First and foremost for fun. Allow more then 4 survivors, and allow 2 killers. Yes you can't balance around this. That's fine, it's more for people to have fun. Next, please allow special rules such as movement speed. Perhaps we can set a game where everyone is exposed all game however the killer has like a 10 second hit recovery. Maybe change movement speeds within the game for fun.

Such as hyper fast killer but very fast survivors for what's even happening chases. Just let players tinker the private matches a bit more so they aren't just almost basic games.

Survive With Friends -

Please, make it an actual lobby lol. Me and my friends play together a lot on ps4 and after every game we have to remake the lobby to start. Allow the lobbies to stay together even after the game to help save time and headache.

Basement Stairs -

So, the stairs are very abusive by killers and survivors alike. Can we have them slightly bigger so you can fit past a killer standing still OR a survivor looking to sandbag his teammates by standing at the top of them so you can't leave. There is no need to have the stairs be so small going down to the basement.

Weekly Events -

So I can't take full credit for this, it was my girlfriends idea. Why not have a rotating Killer/Survivor of the week where playing that killer or survivor gives x% more BP or EXP. This would give some more incentive to trying different killers. Also i've seen ideas of special mori's when a killer mori's their counter part survivor which I am ALL for since mori's are pretty bland as is.

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