Talking Characters??

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I noticed Ash talks when you switch into him, like "Groovy", "Look who's shittin' in the tall grass"?, "Alright.", "What now?" "Mhm, that's right. That's me baby.", "Augh..What now?!" or "What is this place"? I think it's a really cool feature and I feel like all the survivors should have that; Little sentences and words that they can say when you switch into them. It'd be REALLY cool to hear what their voices sound like. Here are some sentence/word examples I have for them (in order) that I think they'd say. What do you guys think?

Dwight Fairfield: "We can do this!" "Uh..Don't be scared!" "Uh oh..."

Meg Thomas: "This place is scary." "Naa neh naa neh naaa naaa" (Taunting) "Pbfffftttt" (Tongue noise)

Claudette Morel: "I'll help you." "D-Don't worry! I got you!!" *Panicked noises*

Jake Park: "Shhh!!!" "Go away." "Ughhh."

Nea Karlsson: "Hey." "Okay what the fu-" "Hello??"

Ace Visconti: "Damn you." "Aight, You win." "Hey good lookin'."

Feng Min: "High score!" *Scared noises* "Help!"

Laurie Strode: "I got you this time, #########." "Hey! Over here!" "He's watching me, isn't he?"

David King: "Let's 'ave a go at it." "Square up mate!" *Growling*

Quentin Smith: *Yawning* "Wh-where am I..?" "Don't fall asleep."

Detective Tapp: "Alright. Where is this son of a #########?" "What can I do for ya"? "We can get out of this."

Kate Denson: "Howdy." *Mumbling the Windows of Opportunity lyrics* "This place is nasty."

Adam Francis: "You mustn't do that." "Please, stop!" "Please don't make me curse."

Jeff Johansen: "Sup"? "Bring it on. ..Maybe?" "What do you need?"

Jane Romero: "Hello everybody, I'm Jane Romero, your host!" "Hiya!" "Have you seen my new show?"

I dunno, just seems interesting to talk about. Maybe the devs will see this and consider it. Probably not.

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  • OffensiveHumor
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    Right? Obviously Myers would probably just grunt or something because he never talks in general, but Herman's voice would be cool to hear.

  • PhantomMask20763
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    Yeah, I'd prefer Myers to stay silent, licensed killers can say a few things, like Freddy can mutter B*tch, or say something about Nancy, and Amanda could say something about jigsaw or her traps. Bubba would obviously screech though. I think they'd have more freedom with the original killers though. I really want to hear the members of the Legion talk or maybe even Spirit. Wraith would be cool to hear too

  • Kim
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    I would really like this to be in the game it would make survivors have personality and character rather then them just being skins.

  • OffensiveHumor
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    Yeah!! Hearing the Legion talk would be awesome! I have a game crush on Joey, it'd be nice to hear his voice. I also wanna hear Julie's. I feel like maybe Trapper would have a super deep and raspy voice, and Wraith would kinda have this soft, broken voice. Y'know, being crushed in a car and all.

  • LordziPL
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    That idea is brilliant <3

  • Detective_Jonathan
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    I support this, i mean, the survivor can talk at the campfire for crying out loud, at least let us hear their voices.

  • HavelmomDaS1
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    Pls no. Giving ash actual voice speaking was the a bad decision. It completely took out the atmosphere, it feels cringy and childish, like fortnight and stuff like that.

    One of the main reason to have an atmospheric feeling as survivor is cuz they are all silent, you don't judge their personality by the way they talk cuz they don't talk.

    Imo adding voice would be the worst thing they can do, would have an huge impact on the atmosphere.

    I'm already absoluty pissed off by Ash in any lobby, and it's not even a week released.

  • OffensiveHumor
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    But it'd be super cool. Like Detective said, it'd give them more personality rather than them just being skins.

  • Kiskashi
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    I was going to say as killer this would not really effect me often at all but I see all above have addressed that. Hearing Freddy saying "welcome to my world, b**ch" though, I have an immense need for that 😂 Great idea.

  • NurseMainBTW
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    Immagine opening a lobby and 4 Claudettes enter at the same time.


    I want this so bad right now.

  • EvilBarney666
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    I would agree if they sounded like this

  • Mat_Sella
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    You'd have to get REALLY good voice actors or this would get really cringy really quick, also since survivor's mostly all come in at the same time, you'd just have everyone talking over each other. This is not a good idea

  • OffensiveHumor
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    True, but maybe there could be an option to turn talking audio off?

  • OMagic_ManO
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    One of my favorite threads here now. Love interaction ideas.

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  • DocOctober
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    Only if we get an option to mute those voice lines. I do not want any more talking Survivors, it completely kills my immersion.

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