New Killer-The Ignited - (OC)


So I've created a dead by daylight OC (original character), and I wanted to share her with you guys. Please let me know what you think! :)

Chapter: Tribal Massacre


Shell Abra was a young and curious 17 year old from Africa. For all of her life she had been studying the arts of Blacksmithing, which eventually became her job. Everybody relied on her to make many things, mainly culinary materials.

Her tribe, The Heated Stones Tribe, believed in Gods called Ignited Gods. Ignited Gods are powerful individuals who watch over the Tribes of Africa with much care. They are responsible for all of the fire, heat, and smoke that gives everything life. However, with these gods came great responsibility and important rules. Once a year, somebody must be sacrificed to the Ignited Gods to fulfill their loyalty to each other. The weakest, wounded, or the most troublesome will be sacrificed. One of the biggest rules was you have to stick to what you're good at, or you'll unbalance the peace.

Shell, being the ambitious teenager she is, wanted to try something else as she got bored of being a BlackSmith. She began to search around her tribal grounds, observing everything around her, until pottery caught her eye. She began researching pottery via books, studying instead of blacksmithing. Her tribe had already noticed her lack of work, but did not think anything of it. Shell eventually snuck into the pottery section while the original worker was away, and she began to experiment. Her hands glazed over the clay beginning to form a messy pot, until she accidentally turned it up to full speed, the clay spinning out of control, it spitting clay splotches all over the marketplace until the entire pottery section collapsed on top of her.

Confused people surrounded the section, moving rubble aside until eventually finding an unconscious Shell, who awoke the following night tied up to a sacrificial table. She looked around, her gaze foggy and her hearing fuzzy. She could make out the sacrificial vows that were being spoken, and began to panic. She struggled at the ropes that tied her wrists and ankles down, but to no avail. Shell watched as the sacrificial blade was raised, before darkness engulfed her. She awoke to find herself in an ignited cave, sparks flying around her in the air; She looked around, trying to figure out where they were coming from, only to find out they were coming from herself.

The Ignited Gods had punished her by turning her into one of them, but have made her live in the normal realm, as a result, anybody she would get near to would burn and blister, causing her to remain solitary. One day, she was fed up, and grabbed a wooden bamboo blade she had made for hunting and plunged it into her own chest. Before she closed her eyes, a dark fog engulfed her, leaving nothing behind, not even her blade.


Kindling Desire

A burning desire for violent human contact kindling within.

Kindling Desire is The Ignited's main power: A desire to punish all who wrong her in any way that tends to turn her feral. When Kindling Desire is active, The Ignited emits an unbearable heat to anything and everything around her, giving her the ability to overheat generators, vaults, lockers, pallets, and even chests for a short amount of time, causing them to turn bright red. Survivors may still interact with these items, but will injure them in the process, and give them the "Enkindle" status effect. When a survivor gets the "Enkindle" status effect, they will begin to sweat and slow down, trying to fan themselves with their hands, before they ignite in flames; When a survivor gets to that point, they must "Stop drop and roll", which will successfully put out the fire, but the survivor will still be injured. If a survivor does not stop drop and roll for a certain amount of time, they will be put into the dying state. If a healthy survivor heals another survivor that has the 'Enkindling' status effect, it will burn the healers' hands, causing healing to go much slower; The "Enkindled" survivor may heal themselves as well. While using Kindling Desire, The Ignited becomes very slow whilst charging up the power; She may not use Kindling Desire to directly attack a survivor, but may use it to overheat objects in front of the survivor such as a pallet or a vault; If the survivor touches the overheated object in a chase and gets injured from the "Enkindle" status effect, The Ignited can then attack with her main weapon, a sacrificial ada sword, the same one that was used for her own sacrifice, and successfully down the survivor.


Burning up: You cause massive panic everywhere you go, causing everybody to become unhinged and worrisome; When a survivor starts running, an auditory warning applies, and running becomes louder.

"A small spark can turn into an uncontrollable scorching flame if you're not careful." -???

Unique to The Ignited until Level 30, at which point its Teachable version can then be learned and taught to the other Killers.

Incinerated Confidence: The constant threat of death and pain lingers in survivors' minds. Survivors become messy with their actions in fear. While out of your terror radius, there's a 15% chance that a difficult skill check will appear once.

"I'm going to be in so much trouble.." -Shell Abra

Unique to The Ignited until Level 35, at which point its Teachable version can then be learned and taught to the other Killers.

"I'm going to be in so much trouble.." -Shell Abra

Hex: Smoldering Fate: A Hex that crackles with punishment and envy. Affects survivors' ability to heal. While the Hex is standing, survivors cannot heal one another but may heal themselves. Each time a survivor is hooked, you gain a token. At 4 tokens, survivors can no longer heal at all until they find the Hex. Once the hex is cleansed, the entity creates a wall around the survivor for a certain amount of seconds, varying on the amount of tokens.

"The moment they become greedy is the moment that seals their fate." -???

Unique to The Ignited until Level 40, at which point its Teachable version can then be learned and taught to the other Killers.

Here she is :) Please tell me what you think about her! :)


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    sounds a lot the plauge. Plauge can do the same thing exept instead of burning you get sick so...