Of Knights and Men - Fan Chapter Idea [ORIGINAL IDEA]

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So I have really been inspired lately and I have never made an original character for a game before so I decided to give it a shot. Constructive Criticism encouraged, but please be civil! I also want to clarify that this is by no means finished, it's just a starting point until I work on it more.

Killer: Ser Folternund Schmerz (The Knight)
Weapon: Longsword (Two-handed)
Attire: Full Suit of Armour with a Norman Helmet adorned with chainmail.

Ability: Warcry
Effect: Unleash a shout that deafens all survivors within a certain range.


Rusty Armour: Common Range Increaser
Chinked Armour: Uncommon Range Increaser
Dull Armour: Rare Range Increaser
Shiny Armour: Very Rare Range Increaser
Bloodied Armour: Ultra Rare Range Increaser

Dull Blade: Common Speed of Weapon Increaser
Sharpened Blade: Rare Speed of Weapon Increaser

Sugarloaf Helmet: Rare Chance to cause screen to shake slightly (Common Add-on)
Combat Helmet: Unlikely Chance to cause screen to shake (Uncommon Add-on)
Norman Helmet: Chance to cause screen to darken slightly and shake (Rare Add-on)
Norman Helmet with Chainmail: Causes screen to darken and shake greatly (Ultra Rare Add-On)


Guardsman: When near an active hex totem get an increase in speed for 3/5/7 seconds. Cooldown of 40/30/20 seconds.

Blind Vengence: Recover from stun/blindness faster by 2/4/6 seconds and be immune to blinding effects for 10/15/20 seconds after. Cooldown of 60/40/20 seconds.

Fealty: Your loyalty to the entity grants you the ability to see generators within your terror radius that have been worked on in the past 50/40/30 seconds.

Survivor: Miguel Antonio (The Sculptor)

Inspiration: Get a token every time you escape the killer. At 5/4/3 tokens you repair/heal/sabotage 10%/15%/25% faster.

Eye for Detail: Every time you finish a generator, your skill check zones increase slightly.

Company of None: When hooked - if you are in the killer's terror radius, get an increase chance to escape by 25%. If escaping hook in the killer's terror radius, get a small speed boost and take an extra hit.


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    Map Idea: Something to do with a decaying castle hidden in a valley.