Nathan Baker the new survivor

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Hey guys, I have a dbd RPG forum and I play the character Nathan Baker. I also created perks for him.

This is for fun. I just let my creativity run wild. I wanted to share the perks with you. What do you think about them? Remember, though, that the perks are not perfect. 😁

If you want to know more about my character:

Sry my english isn't flawless, but I hope you understand it.


Name: Nathan Baker
Age: 18

Nathan makes the appearance of being an ordinary boy. Just when he wanted to celebrate his 18th birthday, his world collapsed. The fog became denser and engulfed him completely. He did not have it easy in his life. He was different and his classmates didn't liked him. The boy was the victim of bullying attacks and did not have many friends. For many, he was wierd and a nerd. Only his best friend Laurie helped him through this cruel time. Internally he is marked by the scars that inflicted on him. But those scars made him stronger. He would do anything to survive. Those who have such a life behind them are not shocked anymore.

Michael and Nathan:

The celebration was blown up by a cold-blooded murderer, Michael Myers. Nathan's classmates fell victim to him. The killer left a bloodbath. The boy was kidnapped by Michael and held in his hiding place. What only looked like a hopeless situation changed slowly. The two took a liking to each other and realized that they were connected. Something they could not put into words. They came closer and the massacre seemed to be forgotten. They were the perfect marionettes for the Entitus. Caught in his realm, so close and yet so far away.
They were not allowed to pursue their desire. Torment, hunting and torture determined their lives from now on.

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