Chapter Idea - The Priest

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The Priest

Father Joshua used to be known as a friendly, well-mannered and child-loving priest in a small village of Merrygreen. Used to be... One day, after the Halloween, a boy named Timmy has gone missing. All men and women of Merrygreen gathered together and started to looking for him. All the clues were leading to an old cemetery shrine. Father of Timmy, and his two older brothers, walked into the small building and heard the cry of a little boy. They ran into the shrine's basement and saw a terrible scene - naked boy and an old man standing over him. Rage of Timmy's relatives pulled them to a manslaughter - a pedohpile has been dragged out of the shrine and beaten to death. They've buried Joshua's crippled body in the forest and marked the grave with a sign made of sticks. After a few weeks no one could find the old man's grave again, like it just have been devoured by a hungry forest.

The Altar Boy

After the events at the cemetery shrine, Timmy's was never the same. He was scared of everyone and everything, he could not trust anyone but his imaginary friend. He was "playing" with him everyday. His parents thought that it is normal after such a horrible events and decided to let him live within his imagination, so he can somehow handle the past. A year after, Timmy was 10 and he was acting like he had forgotten about the incident - the boy was again a happy, active child and his parents were also happy as him. After the dinner, Timmy said that he is going outside to play with Jerry, his imaginary friend. After few hours his parents started to look out for him, because he had never been out alone for so long. The days have passed and his family had lost their hope. They have been searching for him everyday, but without a result. One day, when father has been daily-searching for him in the forest, he saw him. Timmy was standing tens of meters in front of him, holding a hand of an old man. A priest. Father ran to him, but when he was reaching Timmy, the couple disappeared leaving only a cross made of sticks... Looks like the lost grave has been found.

Priest's Weapon

The Walking Cane - a walking cane made of oak. This one seems to be "devouring" the light making the air around it darker.

Priest's Skill

Imaginary Friend - you can shapeshift into a random Survivor. When in "Imaginary Friend" mode, your terror radius disappears. You can't attack in this mode, your whole speed is based on the speed of Survivor that you are pretending to be, you can vault, use pallets, can interact with things like generators, boxes etc. sabotaging them (when you sabotage the box, the item inside is losing its charges by half, and when sabotaging the generator it is losing it's reparation bit by bit). Switching back to normal mode takes 3 seconds, and your speed is limited to 95% during this (surivor base speed is 100%).

Priest's Perks

Hand of God - hitting the survivors causes them to reveal their aura for 10/13/16 seconds from hit.

Old and Experienced - you are well known among the Surviors due to your brutality and mercilessness. When they are looking at you while you are 10/15/20 metres from them they scream, leaving a cue. Cooldown for each survivor is 1 minute/55/50 seconds.

Power of Imagination - 1/2/3 times during the match you can set a visible personage of a slugging (by using it on the ground)/hanging (by using it on the hook) Survivor. It will act as a dying Survivor for 1/1,5/2 minutes, then it disappears. It will as well disappear if other Survivor manage to "help" the decoy.

Or the last perk would be the main skill, but without the decoy limit and with duration of 1,5 minutes. The third Perk would be:

Terrifying Presence - when Survivor is in your terror radius, you gain 1/2/3 percent of bonus speed per survivor.

Altar Boy's Perks

Timmy's speed would be 105%, he would be high as half of the Bill's height, he would vault and interact 10% slower than the rest of Survivors, but he would be able to crouch 20% faster than the rest of survivors and his health would be 1.

Active Person - your base speed is increased by 1/2/3 percent (for running, walking, and crouching).

Hide and Seek - _you can walk (not run) and crouch 5/7/10 percent faster (does not stack with Urban Evasion). _

Difficult Past - you can see the nearest generator, locker and pallet auras when they are in proximity of 15/20/30 metres. (It was added in the recent Chapter after I posted it on DbD forums, so it is nice of theds to actually take some ideas from the community). When in the terror radius of the killer, you do not reveal your aura, but instead killer has 10/7/5 meters longer aura read of your character, when you are outside of his terror radius.
So when you are in the terror radius of the killer and healing yourself, he can't see your aura while using NC, but if you are outside of his terror radius healing yourself, and the killer has less terror radius than 28m he could see you. This applies to all killer's aura reading perks like Dearstalker as well.

Cemetery Map

Small/medium-sized map with graves (empty ones as well - to hide in), tombstones, hills. The central point would be the Shrine - Priest's lair. There would be a stairs behind the altar that leads to the basement and stairs to the Shrine's tower.


It is taken from my original idea of a Chapter on the DbD Steam forums.

PS. sorry for language mistakes, english isn't my first language.


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    It seems decently interesting, but with krueger being a licensed killer and all, I don't think this would be a viable character considering this is the same as krueger but on a much smaller scale along with some of these perks being similar to ones in the game already. Maybe restructure the whole priest thing to deal with a cult or something rather than a pedophile like krueger