Chapter Idea: Aching Hearts (WIP)

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New Killer: The Broken (Robin Burke)
Basic Statistics:
Movement Speed - 110%
Terror Radius - 16 Metres
Attack Ranges - Default
Movement Speed - 115%
Terror Radius -32 Metres
Attack Ranges - Increased Moderately
WIP Description - Robin is a person that let their anger get ahold of them and paid the ultimate price. Now they roam the fog crushing the joy out of any who cross their path.

Power: Rampage
 Losing themselves in their anger The Broken becomes faster and louder. The Broken gains 0.5 anger for every second survivors remain in their line of sight. After some anger has been earned Rampage can be manually activated by pressing the ability button. The duration of the Rampage is dependent on the amount of Anger stored, up to 60 seconds worth. The Broken receives an extra 5 seconds for filling the bar (65 seconds for base max rampage time.) Once started Rampage cannot be stopped until all Anger is used. Anger cannot be gained during a Rampage. During Rampage the successful attack cooldown is decreased as well as the pallet break and vault times. During Rampage The Broken's field of view is slightly decreased. Additionally the Broken will breathe (or grunt) very heavily during this state making tracking difficult.

Unique Perks:
Frustration - Every stun received during the trial grants you a token. For every token gain a 1% bonus to pallet break speed, and vault speed. Up to a limit, (10,20,30).
"I'm done screwing around." - The Broken

Heartache - Your ruthlessness ignites concern in the survivors. Any survivors without an ally within an 8 metre radius receive an action speed penalty. (7%, 8%,9%)
"No one loves you." - The Broken

Isolation - Your bitter resolve arouses the Entity's Interest. All surface hooks receive the following boons when you are (48,40,32) metres away.:
(3%,6%,9%) increased Entity progression
(5%,10%,15%) increased difficulty on escape attempts
(3%,6%,9%) increased penalty for escape fails
"You'll die the way we all live, alone."

New Survivor: Angel Cannon
WIP Description - Angel has always been a lover, not a fighter. With the spark in their eyes and their warm smile they always were a bright spot in your day. They searched high and low for true love and always came up empty. In their search they followed some runner into the woods thinking maybe that was the one when black tendrils fell from the sky eager to feast on this fool's hope.

Unique Perks:

Two's Company
When 1 survivor is within an 8 metre range you both gain a (3%,6%,9%) boost to action speed. For every extra survivor this effect is reduced by (4%,3%,2%).
"Let's get to know each other." - Angel

Lover's Embrace 
When healing an injured ally both of your grunts of pain are reduced by (25%,50%,75%).
"It's alright, I'm here for you." - Angel

Final perk ideas:
*Knight in Shining Armor
When rescuing an ally off a hook within the terror radius you gain an extra health state if struck within 15 seconds of the unhook for (15,20,25) seconds.
"True love cannot die!" - Angel

You open the exit gate faster when 1 survivor is within 8 metres of you by (10%,15%, 20%). Each extra survivor decreases this bonus by (10%, 5%, 3%).
"After you." - Angel

I'm still working on this so I am open to any and all feedback. I will try to respond as soon as I can but I guarantee nothing. My goal is to design a chapter a majority of the community finds interesting.