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Who would like to see this?!


A perk that pervents you from getting moried and pervents others from getting moried if you are near. It is very situational but would be so cool people would use it! If you get moried it could start with the normal animation but then you fight back and get away stunning the killer. Plus, you could push killer off friends. Thoughts?



  • FichteHiro
    FichteHiro Member Posts: 711


    It sure is an interesting idea, but it would be very situational as you said, which mostly would make it not worth a perk slot. However, if the Killer does have a mori and you have this perk equipped, it would be certainly fun to use the perk.

  • nberube32
    nberube32 Member Posts: 6

    what about if it made you the obsession and gave you some sort of passive boost so its not completely useless if there is no morie

  • VIle
    VIle Member Posts: 167

    Sounds like potential for a super rare offering.