The Executioner (pyramid head) speed bug

pejii Member Posts: 79

killer: The Executioner (pyramid head)

platform: pc

steps to reproduce: get stunned by a palette during the initial animation of rites of judgment (while pyramid head is raising his sword to the air in order to pummel the ground with it).

Pyramid head can get stuck in slow movement speed (the speed of his sword when it is digging in the ground) if he gets stunned with a palette while the animation is starting.

this happened to me today only once but it was compeletely noticeable by me and the survivors that questioned me about it at the end of the match.


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  • Flambo007
    Flambo007 Member Posts: 19

    Yeah, can confirm this has been in the game before 4.1 as well

  • Calcuim
    Calcuim Member Posts: 49

    the speed is apparently 90% and it happens on most platforms