Is today's PTB the end of the custom icon community?

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Hi everyone.

For those that don't know, I am Thatbrownmonster, the creator of the community of r/PerkByDaylight, a community dedicated to sharing custom icons for perks, portraits, status icons and more.

With today's update I was questioned what would happen to custom icons, since today's PTB brings a new HUD, that disables any icon from appearing in-game. You are still able to see the icons in the lobby from what I understand.

Custom Icons in Dead By Daylight are in a situation of "use at your own risk" where users can still be banned from using them however.

I am writing this post with the hope to get an official statement from the developers to know what will happen to this part of the community, will it be really the end of it? Or is it still possible to use icons after the update comes out.

Or maybe we can have a workshop soo it's easier and there is more control on what the players change the icons to.

Thank you for reading.