Unbroken emblem broken


You can will always get no emblem for unbroken if you die even if you survived a long time and will always depip as a result


  • Slendy4321
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  • dspaceman20
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    Well thats an oxymoron

  • ArchFox
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    I love how BHVR have lived up to the reputation of breaking something completely unrelated to what they've just updated.

  • Dwight_Fairfield
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    Yeah I played several survivor games and the only time I got anything for it was when I survived.

  • AgentPug
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    Yeah the lack of the unbroken emblem on death has killed my friend's goal of getting rank 1 before the rank reset

  • ReviloDBD
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    Same thing happens to me every single game, even if I fill up the bar all the way and get all the emblems and it shows that I should have gotten +2 rank, I only actually receive +1 rank.

    The funny thing is that the bar actually shows the correct amount so I know what it really should be lol

    Sad though making a greatly well played match feel a lot less rewarding no matter how well you did or long you survived.

    The first time I noticed it happening to me I did a match where I completed 3.5 Generators all by myself alone - and cleansed 3 totems - and did like 4 unhooks and multiple heals - survived to die last - have no idea what my teammates were doing (1 gen left end of game) and game lasted like easily 30min...

    Got 100% full bar and only received +1 rank :( sad

  • Quink
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    3 matches in a row now iv'e gotten no emblem at all, not even bronze in the unbroken category. I escaped once and stayed alive long enough to get silver the other 2 matches.

    Is it to much to ask that you test the patches you are pushing out?

    Hitboxes are wack af. You get hit when the killer isn't even on the same screen as you are. The new UI blocks 50% of the view. If it aint broke don't fix it. Old UI was great. You only had one place you needed to look to get all the info you wanted.

    I don't care that the Blendettes nickname is schlomo or whatever. If i'm interested in that i'll just check match details...

    No one wants to look UP to get info, takes to much effort, that's the reason UI almost always is at the bottom of the screen in games.

    I'll finally call it quits, can't be bothered with this game anymore. 3 years of joyful suffering. Each patch just destroys the game even more. Cosmetics always gets released on time etc but not hotfixes. I pray to god Back 4 Blood is great.

  • OffensiveHumor
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    I've played 10 matches in a row, and every single one of them I've either safety pipped or depipped because I've gotten 0 unbroken points. What the heck? I've even escaped a few times and STILL got no unbroken points. Is this a bug?

  • wildshepster
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    I am so happy I'm not the only one this is happening to! I hope this gets fixed soon!

  • KingFrost
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    Yeah, that seems to be happening. I thought it was weird I didn't get even bronze, but then thought "Eh, maybe I just didn't last long enough."

  • SocialDistomancy
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    So we're calling it broken emblem now?

  • Slayer192845
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    I'm having the same issues, the Unbroken emblem and the hitboxes, I personally like the UI but damn the rest of the stuff mentioned sucks.

  • Scrubbag
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    I already miss just looking down to the lower left of the screen to see all the info I need. I've been finding the new UI has made matches where I play killer less enjoyable just by having to look all over the screen for info, survivor too but to a lesser extent.

    I have no idea how or why the unbroken emblem is gone. It's cost me my rank after several matches, and its made playing survivor miserable. I should not be losing a pip in a match where it'd otherwise be a safety, or having a safety where I should have gained a pip. I'm fine with losing rank if I actually did bad that round but even when I do well I'm not progressing or worse yet being punished because it's only accounting for 3/4ths of my performance. I played 10 rounds to make sure I wasn't missing anything and of those 10 I only got an unbroken emblem once with a hatch escape. None when I went through the exit or last to die when opening gates. It just comes up blank every time. I don't understand how or why the update impacted the emblems but they better fix it fast.

    The awkward and stiff movements when running haven't exactly been helping either. I could get used to the new animations if none of the hit boxes or movement flow had changed. I knew some things would be impacted and altered sure, but not like this. For now if I even do wanna play it sure as hell isn't going to be as a survivor.

  • Zeus
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    I depipped twice today and I played 2 games. My altruism emblem is broken. 2 safe hooks and heals and I got bronze and it said -70 for hooked survivors and no unsafe hooks. Still I was close to 1 pip but guess what? Depip.

  • boostedsurvivormain

    Yeah, I have been having this problem as well. I was duoing with a buddy and she died before me, I got a lower Unbroken score than her. #########.

  • Nancy911
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    This needs to get fixed asap. The game is unplayable ATM.

  • wraith_nea
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    Totally feel everyone's pain. For the first time I just felt not eager at all to even que for the lobby and just turned it off. Been playing my best solo surv matches today didnt get a single pip since its literraly impossible to pip red ranks with the (un)broken emblem.

    Playing killer felt like an eye excercise having to look around soo much with the new UI. Lunge is quite stupid, how can I lunge from the door and hit a fast-vaulting Nea at killer shack?

    It baffles me all of these wasnt an issue in PTB yet somehow they pop up when going live.

  • eff
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    Seems like it happens to a lot of people since the update. I survive the longest or escape without going down and get nothing for unbroken.

  • Shirokinukatsukami
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    I should check this in my current game. Just waiting for the killer he's just letting us bleed out. You know there lots of jerk killers out there.

  • Gay Myers (Luzi)
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    It has been reported in the bugs section already, but you are free to upvote related bug report to it. This is the section: https://forum.deadbydaylight.com/en/categories/bugs For bugs, please post here in the future.

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