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    Here are my issues with the UI/HUD and Animations. I have a background in web design, graphics and video editing so that’s the angle I’ll be looking at this. Hope these help.


    • The exhaustion effect with red on orange is hard to see for me and it feels a bit smaller. I’m playing on a 50 inch TV sat about 6-8 feet away and I’m struggling to see it. It’s the same for the mending bar and the player names when they flash red and any other red icons. These have been causing me headaches.
    • the blood point scoring in the top right corner is also causing eye strain because of its position and color.
    • the generator status is also the same due to its positioning and because I’m having to look there often it’s causing eye strain.
    • I like the new survivor icons although there’s some inconsistency with scale, I’ve mainly noticed this with bill.
    • the survivor hook counter and names could do with being a big bigger or bolder as they’re kinda hard to read. Could be a font issue though?
    • when spectating the ‘leave’ button should be on the right as it flows better
    • the important UI elements in general should be compact and easy to see at a glance.


    • the running while injured animation seems to lack weight and looks unrealistic. A bit of a limp, and less of a lean might make it look better
    • the female running animation looks like they need to have their arms move more as that gives the appearance of speed were as at the moment they don’t look like they’re moving fast
    • When turning quickly your character seems to slide first and that hurts you while looping as it loses you distance
    • Survivors crouching look like they’re almost squatting at times. Their knees seem a bit too high for the type of movement they’re doing, if that makes sense.
    • the stance is cool, but the head turning from left to right looks unnatural. I think it needs a bit of upper body movement to match the direction of their head turns.

    That’s all I can think of at the moment, I will edit post if I can think of more.

    The new animations for the most part look good and are improved from the PTB.

  • andrewcollier1501

    I personally don’t like the updates either. It’s sucks because they did put a lot a money and time into it but half the community does like it. I don’t mind the new screen but I think they need to fix the movement.

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    I had posted this in the wrong place, so here it is again...

    The survivor info, on the left side of the screen, is waaaay too distracting and blocking the map and point of view (peripheral view).

    I cannot play/enjoy the game like this...

    I would really appreciate if the UI would go back to the previous version. Thank you.

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    as someone who took a basic computer science course in graphic design in my freshman year of college, but is still very much not an expert in any way, I can still very confidently say that there is absolutely no reason that couldn't be implemented in an afternoon, and people have made functional examples to prove this. They have the inputs, there is no coherent way they could have hard coded the locations of the new icons into these new positions, which is even observable by the fact their location changes slightly when you scale them down

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    Yessssss, thank you. It needs to be horizontal. I've been trying to say this but not getting it across like you did

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    Animation can feel very clunky at times, and I think it might be affecting some exhaustion perks, especially dead hard. I don't have any evidence for this but it can be noticed after a few games.

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    The UI is too spread out and gives much unnecessary information like explaining the objective or the hook counter showing you hook states instead of actual hooks. It also doesn't fit the game aesthetics. Old UI showed you all the info you needed in one corner. The power icon getting a whole corner to itself is just a waste of space. Also the status effect timer is difficult to see.

    I actually like most of the new animations. What I don't like is that awkward idle animation and that you are no longer able to 360 or moonwalk (from my experience, it might just be me not knowing how to do it). This isn't a big problem but I think they were a nice gimmicky thing.

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    I think it’s safe to say that the whole community wants a horizontal portrait layout. And BHVR want a fix to the names (which the community doesn’t care about either but I’m sure behavior has their reasons).

    So here my fix to both problems:

    Go back to horizontal

    Truncate long names and have the scroll every 5-10 seconds to see the whole name.

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    That image described it well. It feels so disorienting to try and take in all the information I need when it was easily all taken in by glancing at one spot. I find I have to take more time to figure out everything I need to know than before, to process what used to be simplier.

    Also our eyes are horizontal, not vertical. I feel like i need to look at each survivor icon individually instead of just being able to glance and quickly take in a general idea of how it's going.

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    UI: It's pretty, and looks cool, the only problem I really have is the same as everyone else: stuff is just badly scattered..

    1- keep the style but place things closer to each other AND either at top or bottom(prefer) of the screen.. the sides are just too important.

    2- place icons closer to the edges of the screen. that's already annoying to have such a small fov as killer, we don't need to add new UI to make chasing even harder x)


    A-M-A-Z-I-N-G. That's exactly how smooth animations should be in this kind of game. A lot people are just complaning about not being able to pull off their janky 360/juke/whatever they call but ffs.. that was never intended... that's just janky/snappy/irregular/old designed movement and that shouldn't ever be a thing in first place. I can't believe a player can really defend vanishing from another player's screen in 2-3 bad rendered frames. every movement HAS to be as smooth as it can get.

    As survivor, i quite didn't notice all the problems ppl are talking about. Movement feels juuuust a little bit off when it comes to how far you are in/out of killer's range.. I think thats just visual... I feel that hitboxes are kinda "outside" of my char, like its slightly lagging behind my survivor. Out of that i think thats just a matter of getting used to it.

    About bs hits.. i've been reading a lot about them and honestly, i'm having the same amount of bs hits than before 4.5.They are kinda uncommon but when they happen, they happen during the WHOLE match. Thats why i'm pretty sure its just killer lag vpn/bad server but thats another subject entirely.

    If anything, "standing still" pose is extremely out of place x). it's like they are taunting the killer using their coolness.

    Don't matter what you guys decide to do with movement animations, I just wish you keep them AS SMOOTH AND FLUID AS POSSIBLE.. just like they're now.

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    After some playing I kinda like new animations. Playing survivor feels more immersive to me, no more skiing on the ground when you are wounded, and it is good to have switching poses animations.

    Regarding new UI variant displayed in Twitter: survivor portraits should stay where they are, they are too huge to be placed on the middle of the screen in current implementation, because that's the most important part of the screen to see. It is enough to move objectives back to their place IMO.

    Hook counter for killer is still the most useless part of the UI ever, and should be deleted. Or at least move it to the upper right corner of the screen so we can ignore its existance.

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    If it wasn't intended, why didn't they fix it 4 1/2 years ago? That's just a slap in the face, especially when their game is dying. 360s weren't intentional sure, but they certainly had no issue when the millions of views came in from the videos that were promoting 360s. They liked the money.

    Console brings them more money now so they decide to make the movement easier for console. Sounds too familiar to me.

    How many hours do you have?

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    I can’t play this game until these issues are fixed! Revers the update! I can’t 360 killers anymore. The new UI is absolutely trash, the hit boxes... omg what the yell is going on guys I mean it’s like you guys didn’t even test this out before release or something.... but I know you got feedback so you all knew NOONE wanted this... REVERSE THE UPDATE!!!! Fix character movement!!!!! Change the UI back to how it was!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Won’t play/can’t play until fixed!

  • haseulfromloona
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    Notable change: in the previous UI, when a downed or hooked survivor was interacted with (picked up by killer, being healed from dying state, unhooked), their red bar would glow. This was very useful information to me as a survivor, and would help save me time (albeit a little). In the new UI update, this feature has disappeared. I would like to see it in this new update.

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    new animation suck, bottom line. Back then survivors idle pose made sense, you were hunched over so the killer wont see you. you were constantly looking around, keeping an eye out for the killer. new animation looks like i am purposely looking for him, standing so straight, and when i find him, i run to him with my "on the beach" run.

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  • BangBang
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    Why don't you guys take a poll with various versions?

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    i really like the change to the skill check...the background to it now makes it much easier to distinguish from the rest of the environment. Nice!

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    Old UI: Everything thats useful in the same spot. Information was very clear and a quick glance gave you everything you needed.

    New UI: You have to look at the whole screen for information. Plus, no one asked for it.

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    I made a concept of what the ui could look like, I really like the new one but hey if it's getting changed well then, here

  • BanjoTheFool
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    Why would it be hard to know when exhaustion is gone? The icon disappears just incase you didn't know. The adept icons make the characters look *more* out of place, but they could just remake those icons, the way they drew the characters was weird then than now so they could pull something good out. The tutorial thing I agree with, they shouldn't make a heavy "this is EVERYTHING you need to be good at the game" tutorial, that would still be hard for new players, and experienced players wouldn't need of tutorial. I really hate the idea of reverting the new ui, things change and we have to accept that, nothing will stay the same and they're trying to make a better experience, stop trying to stop change, the game wasn't meant to stay the same forever.

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    Although I couldn't really careless about 360s and their removal being intentional or unintentional, I gotta laugh at the ppl who're like "Yes! No more 360s!" I know those ppl are either new or they're the ppl who somehow make red ranks that completely lose me when I spin and swing like a mad man. I doubt they were removed intentionally, and it doesn't really make a difference to me, but Survivors wouldn't disappear in 3 frames lol. The movement is terrible. I spent 30 minutes typing a response that isn't showing up yet. If it is glitched and doesn't post, guess we aren't ever going to hear my complete reasons or explanations on everything wrong with this patch.

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    Agreed. In a game like this where you need to focus on the middle of the screen, the other information needs to be compact (exactly like old UI.) There was nothing wrong with it and truly don't get why they changed needs to be reverted.

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    EDIT: My original essay-length-comment took an extra hour to post for some reason, but it can be located below this comment. If you don't wanna spend 5 minutes reading, this comment is a condensed version.

    Well there's my more recent comment, so I guess my other comment somehow ended up somewhere else or didn't post. In a nutshell I said the new HUD is spread out way too much and it makes no sense, Survivor portraits are too colorful and out of place, and don't put stuff vertically along the screen or up top if you can avoid it. For the movement running and crawling looks nice, although I dislike the low camera and I think it caused a glitch that makes your camera low when getting hooked, the hatch animation is more realistic but sliding into the hatch as you do makes it feel less rewarding, standing still Survivors stand unnaturally straight up, again losing the focus of a horror game (no one's focusing on posture in a scenario like that), injured running looks horrible like they're constipated and their strides are small (old animation had more of a limp, and the arm was out more which made it easier to tell if a player was injured or not), and for me transitions between movement looks way more clunky and slow. Hopefully my comment posted somewhere else, because I spend tons of time voicing my thoughts on a game I care about. It's very discouraging having those opinions shared my many be ignored on a game I've spent thousands of hours on. Consider changes BHVR. It's ok if you admit your mistake, just stop alienating the community. Thanks.

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    As a veteran with over 3.5K hours I've seen BHVR make a lot of questionable decisions, but some of them work out, we just kinda forget about them because the bad changes means we were right, and they weren't necessary so they're easier to remember. But these questionable decisions usually just make us think your out of tune with the community. This new HUD not only makes me think you're out of tune, but that your UI Developers are either completely clueless or were given a ridiculous amount of restrictions that forced them into making this obviously terrible UI. It genuinely baffles me that any part of your team thought spreading the information to all parts of the screen was a good idea. It should be common sense that the Old UI was very good because of it all being at the bottom of the screen, mostly in one corner. It being on literally all corners and sides makes it nearly impossible to absorb all the information at once. It's also more vibrant and colorful which would normally be a nice change, if it wasn't a horror game. It doesn't fit the aesthetic at all.

    I've seen lots of ppl throwing the adept Survivor icons around as a replacement, which would perfectly solve the problem. You could use the old injured and hooked assets because you need to understand, we won't suddenly forget which Survivors were which. I wasn't someone who was ever really able to memorize the names, but memorizing the order wasn't so hard. If I see the order is Kate, Jake, David, Claudette, I'll be fine. So if Jake gets injured and shows the old injured icon rather than his face, and Claudette suddenly get yoinked and then hooked, I'm not going to suddenly forget who those two were. Some new players will, simply because there's 40+ characters and it'll be hard to remember all of them, but that'll come with time.

    Another poor design choice, that's still relevant in the WORK-IN-PROGRESS version of the New HUD, is the Survivors icons being vertical. Again this isn't us completely resisting change its just much more awkward. Looking up is much more awkward then looking left to right. Putting information on the top is the worst place, which is exactly why it was a great place for only the EGC timer, because that asset is huge, and has audio queues for each quarter of time, so you can kinda get away with not even glancing at it. Back to the Survivor portraits being vertical it's worse because you're presenting them along the shorter side of the screen, so it's already harder to see. The horizontal side of a monitor or a tv screen is longer than the vertical sides, yes? So spreading more information along the horizontal sides should make more sense! As I mentioned earlier looking up is the most inconvenient, and with the New HUD you put much more up top. I legitimately stopped playing DBD for over two days, and as a former Survivor main, I'm pretty much never playing Survivor again because of the de-sync, the movement, and the UI (but that's on killer too).

    You guys tried something new, which you didn't need hindsight to know it was gonna fail because of how poorly designed it was, and on top of that THE WHOLE COMMUNITY HATED IT IN PTB, SO WHY DID IT GET RELEASED IN THE LIVE VERSION!?!? I've heard you did it for console players, but we do have twitch and youtube you know? We do have the internet available to gather information! I play on PS4 and I was able to voice my distaste! I appreciate you taking us into account, but it wasn't worth it since I've now lost lots of drive to play anymore, along with a large portion of the community. If this was truly your intention, it wasn't worth it when such a large portion of your playerbase already disliking it. We want some version of the Old UI back, either revert the changes, or move the New UI in the old places (I strongly suggest you think about changing the Survivor portraits, because the colorfulness as I mentioned is out of place).

    This thread is only about the UI, but I still feel it's important to mention this too. The new movement is horribly clunky. Some of the stuff looks nicer, some looks more realistic but is horribly unappealing, and for some parts of the running animation, standing still, and just the clunkiness that takes place between animations all look far worse. In a life or death scenario I'm not gonna stand completely straight, I'm not going to suddenly focus on my posture, it's just unrealistic. Running while full health I actually like, but when injured, it looks terrible imo. The Survivor honestly looks like they are in great pain, not from being slapped with a weapon, but from being constipated or spanked 100 times. The strides just look so small, and honestly the old animation had the arm pointing out way more clearly, and there was an obvious limp while keeping the same pace, which made it more obvious to tell the difference between an injured and healthy Survivor. For a new player it'll be a nightmare to tell the difference, because as veteran who's played for over 2 years, I sometimes can't tell the difference. Transitions between animations make movement seem a lot slower, and makes it feel like the player isn't in a hurry, which for a horror game, definitely makes no sense. As a final complaint on the animations the new hatch animation looks more realistic, but someone sliding into the hatch looks horrible, where as before (while more unrealistic) they'd jump and look triumphant as they went in which was what made a hatch escape feel more rewarding. Now I'd almost rather die then see my player slide into the hatch like a slug. I do like the overall detail in the crawling animation, but bringing the camera closer to the ground is just awkward, and I think it caused a bug that results in the camera being too low when you get hooked.

    I didn't post this just to relentlessly bash on the Devs, I made it because it's really made me and many more very concerned about the Dev team we have for a game we care about, and since we care about it, we want to see it succeed. Please keep listening to our complaints. Don't wait until you release some version of your changes, and we complain for a week to listen to us again. You are the Devs so you're in control, but we are your playerbase. It's alright if you make a mistake, we aren't going to lose faith in you admitting a mistake. We ARE losing faith because you make a change, push it through when it's unnecessary and we strongly voiced our complaints that you ignored anyway.

    Thank you to anyone who took the time to read this all.

  • TheSwamp
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    The new animations with flashlights make using them feel terrible. When using a flashlight you slowly raise your hand up to aim it, unlike the old animations where your hand would immediately aim up. Also at the start of the animation when the flashlight is turned on (consuming battery) it's aimed at the ground wasting battery life. Flashlights keep getting unnecessarily changed nearly every patch and it's extremely annoying.

  • Forever_Albino
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    I have been dedicated to this game since it came out on console. My favorite game by far. But this update has just been the next step to making me not want to continue playing. I appreciate the time developed put in but you guys are changing good things that don't need to be. If you're going to do updates please test it before you release it more because it seems to be causing my bugs and glitches each time.

    I don't want to keep playing a game that feels like it's still in beta.

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    For the animations I would suggest a better animation for the start of the match.

    The survivors could look around or wake up on the ground and stand up or step out from a locker.

    Something like that.

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    I'm on Xbox and It makes the screen seem cluttered even when percentage is lowered for hud settings. It distracts from gameplay when there is something in every corner to be notified to look at. Miss the old hud already even though putting a face to the name when playing killer is nice doe. It looks like some mobile game interface, but I still love your game and will continue to play!

  • sakha
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    You destroyed 180/360 - this was part of surviving.

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    I like the new HUD fine, but the proposed changes shown on twitter that consolidate the player profiles into the lower left corner, I think, is an attempted middle ground that doesn't quite serve the purpose. It makes the lower corner too crowded. I think it genuinely needs the space if we want the expanded information (and I do like that expanded information.)

    In all honesty, if a player is having a fit over the UI being spaced out with specific locations for specific points of information I'm not sure how they manage in game? Spacial awareness is a pretty important thing in DBD, for example scanning the screen for movement. It mostly just seems like people overreacting to change. Maybe an option to choose between UIs if necessary, and the people who can't deal with the new UI can just have less information if they crave it so bad.

    And dear god, please do not use that abysmal reddit player status icon example. It would be completely unreadable in game at a glance. If the playerbase has hysterics at the prospect of glancing into the upper corner of the screen, they're not actually going to handle having to stop dead and squint at scrambled overlapping images mid-match well. Same for the idea of having adept portraits - little white blob portraits in the corner of the screen? They're not going to readily scan in the heat of the moment.

  • TheFool
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    The new animations are awful for one simple reason: they sacrificed clarity.

    This is a multiplayer pvp game. Clarity is far and away more important than fidelity. The old animations, due to the way the survivors leaned forward, always made it extremely clear to the killer what direction they were facing. This isn't just important to the killer, it's important to the survivor too, because that is information which the survivor can use to trick or mislead the killer. Playing after the patch, I immediately and significantly felt a reduction in my interactivity with the Killer. By reducing the animation's clarity, you have reduced my ability to feint, confuse, or otherwise mislead the Killer by using their eyes against them.

    Frankly, the old animations were amazing. Please bring them back, nobody asked for this change.

    As for the UI, the new information is not worth it being scattered all over the place. It has absolutely no user flow and it's clear you did no UX research for this. When designing a UI, you need to think about what a player is looking at when they need a piece of information, something you clearly didn't consider. Specific examples:

    1. You have placed all the vital and heavily-used UI elements at the top of the screen, in a game where the camera centers on the survivor's head, placing the survivor's body, and therefore anything that interacts with the survivor, on the bottom half the of the screen. This essentially makes it impossible to look at a UI element while keeping your survivor and where you're going in your peripheral vision, even on a 23" monitor, never mind a TV.
    2. When you go into spectate, the button to spectate is on the bottom left of the screen. Then, you placed the button to leave spectate in the upper left of the screen, where no other back button in your whole game is. Your entire game tells the player "the back button is in the bottom left," then breaks this rule solely for this one exact instance. I literally thought you removed the button to leave spectate at first.

    Today, I logged into DbD and had the worst experience I've ever had playing the game since I started playing two years ago. Frankly, you could just grab the last pre-patch build off Perforce and make it live, and I think nearly everyone here would be entirely happy with that outcome. I will certainly be playing less DbD at least until this mess is fixed, because the game is just not nearly as fun like this.

  • chimpanzrschreck

    As well, the scoring is too out of the way to be usable. On top of this, current UI option is a huge hassle for streamers

  • MoreRago
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    so im just goann say it and i know people will say they dont care or good riddance, but the new ui and animations legit made me not want to play anymore. i have around 1500hours combined from xbox and pc. the game is not dbd anymore it is something else entirely and should have been released as a new game. also a lot of content creators are most likely gonna find something else to play too. i just dont understand why you went all in on this "mobile" type aesthetic. i dont know one person who actually likes this update. not one.

  • GrisouOats
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    Agreed with everything you said so far. Honestly the hits when playing as survivor are very off. They need to fix that

  • antgnstea
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    I don't know if this has been pointed out but while hooking survivors camera goes too down. Like a close up ass shot to killer. Similar thing goes for downing survivors. When survivors getting downed, survivor side camera makes an unnatural movement towards ground. Like we are watching a replay of some sports game.

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    People want to keep their eye on Exhaustion timer, some people use this info to trigger Sprint Burst at right time (run -> put timer on hold), and it's harder, let's say, for colorblind players and even for those who aren't. Adept icons would be better options. They're more aesthetic with rest of the stuff on the screen. This opinion is coming from player since 2016. I respect the legacy and actually good looking game. Not some mobile game on PC monitor.

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    As someone who doesn't usually play a ton of the Survivor side, I love the new moving animations. Maybe I don't have the fondness of the prior animations to compare them to but I feel less "janky" and more weighted in the world which is something that has made the game more fun for me, at least as far as I can tell.

    The U.I. changes on the other hand, are pretty bad, in my honest opinion. For me, it's very unnatural to look up to the top-left corner and honestly, the icons seem kinda blurry to me. They definitely don't give me the information I want at a moment's notice with a quick glance, so I think they are kinda failing at what they're supposed to do.

  • NeonFlowerPower
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    I have been playing this patch all week and I really just need to re-iterate this.

    The new animations look absolutely horrendous. Please, either make them more similar to the old animations or just revert them all together.

    • Seeing survivors stand up, not scared or concerned whatsoever is beyond awkward to look at as both a survivor and a killer.
    • The injured standing up animation just looks like you have to use the toilet and looks very awkward.
    • The uninjured running animation looks WAY too stiff for someone who is running away from the killer.
    • The injured animation might be the ONLY one that looks decent, but it is definitely not better looking than the old ones.
    • Uninjured/Injured crouch I don't have much opinion on other than the older ones just looked more fluent and fun.
    • Dying state animation looks SO WEIRD. I'm afraid to turn my character's body because it looks like they're about to snap in half.

    I just want to also add in this... please don't try and make changes to make the game seem more "realistic." Realism in video games is incredibly boring and ruins a ton of games. Obviously you're not going to see a person hunched over like they were.

    All these changes are doing nothing but removing the awesome charms of DBD. This includes the change of how the maps look. All the charm of DBD is being taken away... why? We didn't ask for this. We just want a healthy, fun, and entertaining game.

  • Shoros_Kiras
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    There is this concept of inmersion when reducing or taking away UI's in many games, and it adds a layer of challenge, say take away a map from a free-roam world and follow instructions or take away the health bar and keep in mind how many damage are you taking... I want this to be a choice in Dead by Daylight for people that wants that challenge, because the usual experience is the killer/survivors being challenge enough:

    • I was doing a gen in Ormond and had to turn my camera ALL THE WAY TO THE GROUND in order to see how many gens were left due to UI transparency mashing with sky and trees. With the old UI any kind of transparency was backed up by the ground dark colours.

    If you're not go back to the old UI style while adding hook states... please, at least let us change the new UI transparency, it would take tons of visual space from the screen but at least it would be clearly seen and every value or state change would be noticeable by peripheral vision.Not asking for an option to move the UI as some games have, just the transparency, make it so it can only be touched out of matches if you're concerned about people messing with other objects that could be activated by parameters.

    I'm going to repeat what other people said while falling in the risk of ''don't just post *this is trash*'' but I really don't know how much mobile games the devs been playing thru this pandemic to come up with this idea, every time I'm looking for data I stop checking the horizon for a killer, loops and pallets to scape to, other survivors, totems/chests/lockers... -- I'm not talking about not being used to where to look for that sound-to-visual info queue, eyes checking markers is also muscular memory, I'm saying even if I played with this UI for months I'd still be looking away from the playing screen. I don't want (and I don't think anyone has) to sacrifice vision to check info.

    Thank you, excuse the bitter tone, just came out of that game and there were other issues (not concerning the UI) aggravating the experience.

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    (Duplicate post removed)

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    Regarding the survivor movement animations, from the latest news article: "We are also reviewing feedback for the new Survivor animations. While the movement itself hasn’t changed, new animations and transitions can make your character feel different to control. We want this transition to be as smooth as possible, so we are looking into the following:

    • Removing camera position changes
    • Fixing some animation bugs
    • Reviewing turning animation to better reflect the old animations

    We are tentatively planning to address some of these issues starting alongside the next Chapter. Please note that this is by no means a comprehensive list and we are still actively discussing feedback, including possible causes for motion sickness."

    So am I to assume they are fine with the t-pose idle, chad walk, and prairie dogging run animations? Or when turning while crawling, your spine acts like a wet noodle?

    Trying not to overreact, but was really hoping for more issues to be acknowledged. I can handle playing with these animations for now if I know they're at least still working on improving them.

  • VanillaCoke
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    The Dates you revealed today to adress some of the issues the game has since your last update are really taking away the last will to have DBD installed. I already don't enjoy playing rn and missing out on the Event - but when we talk next chapter, this is still a long way down the line. The game is not playable right now and delaying these changes for so long means a lot of us will miss out on finishing / buying the tome.

    That is a real shame - it is not like I dont want to play your game, id love it - it is just not fun right now. Is there no way you can revert the patch and work on whatever you want to fix behind the scenes because this really isnt a solution tbh.

  • Vanni2001
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    Heyyy dbd please read this okay? Would be really thankful! I play dbd for years now... that is the best game i have ever seen for me... but since the update I really don’t like the new animations.... :( the not injured and the injured one.... I played dbd 24/7 a day but now maybe 5-10 minutes.... I miss the old animation like everyone else... and the New hud is also not my type... :/ but thank u for trying to make the game better

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