When’s the last time you played DBD?


Recently or not when’s the last time you played a full match? If you’ve been holding off why? Just curious, I haven’t even touched DBD since the twins came out.


  • QwQw
    QwQw Member Posts: 4,531

    Yesterday. I know, very interesting.

  • Shaped
    Shaped Member Posts: 5,869
    edited February 2021

    Few hours ago. Taking a break is fine. When I get bored I stop playing. My last long break was year long.

    I mean I shouldn't even call it a break since I never plan to come back to a game. I just play what I feel like.

  • Dustin
    Dustin Member Posts: 2,248

    About a week or so - I don't even bother for the log in rewards because it's nothing.

  • NoOneKnowsNova
    NoOneKnowsNova Member Posts: 2,782
    edited February 2021

    Hmm let me try and remember the last time I played.

    Oh yes, I'm playing dbd right now wating in queues.

  • Dwight_Fairfield
    Dwight_Fairfield Member Posts: 6,772

    Last night.

  • GeneralV
    GeneralV Member Posts: 10,212

    A few minutes ago.

  • GannTM
    GannTM Member Posts: 10,853

    Its been three days but only because I’m out of town and my PC is back at home. Although I did play DBD mobile 2 times yesterday so does that count?

  • VolantConch1719
    VolantConch1719 Member Posts: 1,159

    Two weeks ago. Partly due to the state of the game right now, partly due to other interests, mostly due to college eating up my time.

  • tippy2k2
    tippy2k2 Member Posts: 5,069

    Right now! I surf The Internet Dot Com when I'm in-between matches

  • Rivyn
    Rivyn Member Posts: 3,005

    Three days ago. I'm tired when I get home from work, and DbD isn't something I can relax with. So, a few matches on my days off.

  • Kebek
    Kebek Member Posts: 3,676

    About 3 hours ago. I've just recently returned after my 2-3 month break due to DBD's bad balance decisions.

  • Aven_Fallen
    Aven_Fallen Member Posts: 15,503

    I am on the hook right now.

  • CornHub
    CornHub Member Posts: 1,864

    A few seconds ago I just finished a match.

  • WishIcouldmain
    WishIcouldmain Member Posts: 4,081

    Most days

  • OmegaXII
    OmegaXII Member Posts: 2,177

    2 days ago I think. Now I just login to use the code for cosmetics.

    For me, cosmetics are hard to come by because I don’t spend a single cent on them.

  • DBD78
    DBD78 Member Posts: 3,454

    Played 7-8 games today the last one about two hours ago.

  • Mendax
    Mendax Member Posts: 130

    My last match was on February 9th. Now I open this game only for 50k bp.

  • Botiz
    Botiz Member Posts: 483
    edited February 2021

    Today, but I hadn't played for 2-3 days before today.

    No kidding, first game I got stuck in the spectator screen too. A bug that was meant to be fixed in 4.5.1.


  • CashelP14
    CashelP14 Member Posts: 5,564

    Had a few drinks and played last night

  • Thatbrownmonster
    Thatbrownmonster Member Posts: 1,640

    July, last year

    I might return to DBD, but in the meantime I check here on the forums for news and discussions

  • Anniehere
    Anniehere Member Posts: 1,257


    I find myself playing for hours.

  • Kilmeran
    Kilmeran Member Posts: 3,141

    I haven't played since before the Twins release. Though I do check the forums and news on DbD from time to time. So far, nothing has inspired me to play again.

  • DwightFairfield
    DwightFairfield Member Posts: 1,246

    Just finished, but got a depressive episode after a Haddonfield match

    may sound like attention grabbing, but have you ever played killer on haddonfield

  • Pepsidot
    Pepsidot Member Posts: 1,659

    I played one match of killer about a week ago. My last match before that must have been at least 2-3 weeks. I really, really dislike the new HUD and survivor animations and despite usually coming back on for a new rift, I'm not inclined to do so due to the current state of the game.

    I really don't like all these core changes.

  • Ghouled_Mojo
    Ghouled_Mojo Member Posts: 2,287

    Since I saw the new UI on PTB. Haven’t touched it since.

  • TheWarNung
    TheWarNung Member Posts: 794

    About 5 days ago.

    Game is basically busted because of the hit issues. New animations make survivors look like they've pooped their pants. New UI makes me vomit into my eyeballs.

    I'd be happy to pick it up again once they deal with some of this stuff.

  • OldHunterLight
    OldHunterLight Member Posts: 3,001

    2 days ago, mostly killer, I just hate the desync

  • EvanSnowWolf
    EvanSnowWolf Member Posts: 1,583

    I play 1-2 games a day as Killer.

    I won't play Survivor until they fix the damn Emblem.

  • ClownIsUnderrated
    ClownIsUnderrated Member Posts: 1,031

    Two hours ago, then hopped on Fall Guys for an hour then just recently got off that. Planning to check out the Guilty Gear Beta tomorrow