Have you ever dreamed about DbD?

psionic Member Posts: 670

Tonight I got a very scary dream. I dreamed I was in a farm being chased by Hillbilly. With so much pain, I managed to escape driving a truck LOL


  • antgnstea
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    I had one a few nights ago. A noed+bloodwarden trapper was coming after me, and I was desperately trying to climb up through the entity block. Couldn't managed it and I woke up in sweat when Trappy grabbed me.

  • SentinelCaptain
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    I have! Always from the Survivor side, sometimes it goes well, sometimes it does not! 😂

  • Thatbrownmonster
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    I had several nightmares of getting chased by some killers

    wasn't pleasant

  • DistortedDream
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    I've had many dreams of getting chased by Trapper and Clown for some reason. And I wasn't even scared, just very confused.

  • TheRockstarKnight
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    Sort of. I dreamed about being one of The Legion on Haddonfield once.

    Except in my dream it was less of DbD's cat-and-mouse chase/hide and seek gameplay and more me fighting a Yui with an Ultra Greatsword and an Elf Dwight that kept backstab fishing and flashlight clicking, while my Dark Souls 2 character kept rolling into generators to make them start regressing.

  • VolantConch1719
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    I've had two that I can think of. And neither of them had much to do with actual existing characters.

    The first one was a while back, but I can still remember bits and pieces. I was watching someone play the game, and his KWF group kind of groaned at the Killer he was using, a character that I remember being called the Father (as in a priest) who walked around and hit people with the palm of his hand like a D&D monk. And that's literally all I can remember.

    The other was so vivid that I ended up turning it into a chapter of my own (of which two perks were kind of put in with All-Kill, that being Smash Hit and No Way Out, though No Way Out differs quite a bit from my idea, but that's not important). The main things I remember were a Survivor I've never seen being injured and I went to help them along with another Survivor (who I also don't think exists), then Christmas Sweater Susie wandered past, somehow missing us. The other Survivor took of and I started carrying the injured Survivor on my shoulder (don't ask). Then it turned out they were the actual Killer (can't explain Susie, but dreams aren't meant to be explained), and the rest of my dream turned into a trailer for the chapter.

    Somehow I was able to create a chapter out of that mess.

  • Mandy
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    you definitely get points for having an Elf Dwight in there!

  • Brokenbones
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    I dreamed I was facing a freddy once, it was on this weird hybrid of shelter woods and gas heaven

    There's something ironic about that.

  • Hoodied
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    I have before, it was more of a research among killers in a way

    But I have had deja vu about seeing Clown's mori in my dream before, except I saw it on a different man

  • Vyne456
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    I had a dream with the reworked Ormond and then I was doing gens and then a huntress came and hooked me, I felt the pain a little bit so a Jake unhooked me. I was in a chase with the huntress and then she downed me. So she dropped me and then she was chasing a Claudette with a flashlight before she did dropped me she said "I will come back." so she chased Claudette. I was picked up and huntress was carrying me, and somehow I saw Laurie was right by the generator and then she was all done with the gens and somehow I had Power Struggle activated and then I pulled the pallet down at the huntress. she was mad so I was by the other pallet and then she was about to throw the hatchet at me but I dodged the hatchet and then I escaped from the match from the exits.

  • Khar
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    I had one last night, in fact. Tunneling Wraith, go figure.