Dead by Daylight randomly crashes starting new patch

RainbowPatooie Member Posts: 322

• Platform: PC

• Description of the issue: Dead by Daylight will crash (just suddenly close, no freezing or lagging or any type or warning beforehand) at any time. So far has crashed twice on menus and once mid-game (causing me to lose challenge progress).

• Steps to reproduce: Unknown.

• How often does this occur: 3 times already within 2 hours of trying to play. Has caused me to disconnect mid-game and currently makes the game unplayable.

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  • piratoidamd
    piratoidamd Member Posts: 13

    Just consider that steam has weekly maintenance every Tuesday around midnight GMT timezone, and that leads to many disconnections issues during maintenance window

  • RainbowPatooie
    RainbowPatooie Member Posts: 322
    edited June 2021

    It's not the same as normal steam maintenance, I've played during that time window several times. This was that my game just completely closed itself mid-game without any prior warning (e.g. drop in frame rate, glitches, error message), not getting disconnected and sent to the title screen.