Share your concerns about the Boon Totem (Killers and survivors)


Currently i have 2 concerns about the Boon Totem. 

If the Boon is going to work like any other Hex totem without any interaction, I'm afraid the killer will have the ability to find the totem quite easily, since some killers are running hex perks often they know the exact spot of spawn.

It may not be a nuisance to find the totem and destroy it.

My second concern is what if the Boon would give effects like Endurance, Exhaustion, Haste? 

This can cause further controversy no other than Noed or Dead hard.

What are yours?


  • Alphasoul05
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    Based on current Hex totems my assumptions is they'll, again, make them high risk, high reward. This will result in severe balance issues when there's 4 survivors that could have one, which means there's going to be a general increase in overall dull totems on the map. But the biggest issue here is that, like breakable walls, I don't think the killer needs another thing they have to go out of their way to drop their pressure to deal with. There is not enough time for something else you have to manage.

    But that depends on if a Boon totems strength is on the level of Third Seal/Lullaby, or Ruin/Devour/Undying

  • ShinobuSK
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    I dont like how totem-heavy can game turn out to be if boon totems are introduced. Just create something new for survivors, not recycle totems again.

  • Aven_Fallen
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    There are exactly 0 information so far, except that it has something to do with Totems. We dont know if they will just spawn (like Hex-Perks) or if Survivors have to find Dull or Hex-Totems to convert them into Boon Totems. We also dont know any of those Perks.

    It is impossible to give any opinion on those Boon-Perks currently.

  • Warcrafter4
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    My main concern is that they will force the killer to break them instead of forcing the survivors to activate them.

    Why this is an issue is that if the killer is forced to break them just reaching the totem and going back on a large map will most likely lose the killer the game.

    The killer has no time to break the totems even if the killer doesn't need to find it by always sees its aura.

    Breakable walls no matter what hurt the killer as they are a time sink as even breaking a wall early can cost you generators because you can't both apply pressure by chasing survivors and break the walls early at the same time.

  • Anniehere
    Anniehere Member Posts: 1,257

    It wouldn't be good if survivors are going to rely on totems just like killers who are hoping to get a good effect from theirs.

    It can become an unhealthy rotation or useless after a while.

    Depends of it's design.

  • calem
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    yeah um why are we trying to think of concerns for a mechanic we know next to nothing about? let's just wait for actual information about them before we start assuming everything... I would be more worried about the next killer's power being oppressive and boring in the 1v1 and lacking map pressure since that seems to be the modern design philosophy the devs have...

  • Patrick1088
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    I think Boon Totems will have this functionality:

    -survivor has to find and convert a totem to a boon totem

    -by doing this, it activates the effect until one of the following occurs; 1. Set duration timer (i.e. 4.6 movement speed for next 3 minutes) 2. Killer breaks totem or 3. Another survivor converts the boon totem to their own boon totem.

    -once a boon totem is broken or converted the original user can be modified. I'd they get downed.

    This will be the decisions that survivors have to make that will affect Mori interactions. Do you bring a risky perk for great effects at the potential of being killed, or do you convert your teammates boon totem at their expense?

    I think the battle over totems will make an interesting play that could slow down the game more. This will engage bones on both sides while addressing NOED

  • dezzmont
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    "4.6 movement speed for the next 3 minutes."

    If they did that it would be reverted faster than old MoM. It would make games pretty much auto wins for survivors the second they found the boon. To put that in perspective on the absurd level of impact that would have, imagine if there was a hex that set the killer speed to 7. The killer just literally couldn't play the game for 3 minutes or until they found the totem.

    The killer just doesn't have time for side objectives, so boon effects are going to have to be either something that gets disabled in pursuit of the main objective (ex: A reward for downing the obsession, which would FINALLY make the obsession role actually a risky one like the design originally included), or be extremely minor in impact and just something that the killer sometimes gets to disable if they get lucky and find it. Altering something as core as movement speeds couldn't be the effect, forget about something as core as the fundamental relationship of 'killers move faster than survivors.'

  • Aneurysm
    Aneurysm Member Posts: 5,270

    Unless I've missed something, we don't know anything about them yet. Also things announced during anniversary streams have a habit of just never being mentioned again

  • gendoss
    gendoss Member Posts: 2,270

    As far as we know they can be totems that the survivors have to cleanse to give them an effect like a hex totem.

  • Pukenplag
    Pukenplag Member Posts: 1,454

    Wasn't it something like staying within a certain range of the totem to gain its benefits or something around it has certain effects?

  • Sonzaishinai
    Sonzaishinai Member Posts: 7,976

    Mostly on what will happen when both hexes and boons are used.

    There are only 5 totem spots. Will they increase the number of spawns once hexes and boons go over 5?

    I suspect boon perks will activate on cleansing a totem that will then be replaced with the boon totem so it's probably not an issue

  • StibbityStabbity
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    I think it would be best if boon Totems need to be cleansed to be activated, and give a bonus on a timer. It would require the least effort on the devs, survivors would need to hunt them down and cleanse them for the bonus, and the killer can choose to protect them.

  • Emeal
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    This, but Boon Totems are nice. We should have had boon totems when Hag came out tho-

    My overall thoughts are. Late but welcome.