Killer should DESTROY Boon Totems....



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    I appreciate it. :D I just can't agree with the idea of "this/that can't work" toward anything. Very pessimistic view on any subject material, because obviously anything CAN work. The minds perceiving it though? That is a different question.

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    You dont need to add more totems, you just need to make the five totems you get more effective.

    Not having a deafening crack of thunder when a totem is blessed would go a long way towards getting more value out of them, as the killer wouldn't know you've set up a boon until you actually use it.

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    Killers should be able to Hex & Destroy totems

    Survivors only should be able to Boon & Snuff totems


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    Always wondered how survivors can kill killer totems, but a killer can only snuff it out and they it can be reused. If thats the case make them all the same.

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    Unless the killer is destroying every totem on the map, the safe zone will still be available. It just may not be in the survivors first area of preference. That's fine.

    It's cute how you try to paint a single survivor granting their team an additional two-four perks as dragging anyone off a gen. The other survivors are progressing the game while the blessing is occuring. The time lost is inconsequential and refunded if you use the perk a single time.

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    Every rework of the totems, limits them to the point of being pointless. I dont get ######### youre crying about 90% of all my survivor games even with boon totems result in 3 (or more usually 4k deaths). If boon totems are so strong and you cant cope its because you need to up your game or change your strategy as plenty killers ive gone against play the same as always and just fine... (play as 3 or 4 man all with 1.5k+ hours if that counts for anything).

    Snuffing out a totem takes 2 seconds and literally wastes so much time having to go and relight it - this if anything has wasted more time and resulted in losses because the game is slowed down so much. You have eyes and ears.... use them... the totems in most parts of most maps are annyoing at best but often useless when theres no decent cover for shadowstep and blessing a hex takes so long i would suggest avoiding doing it.

    Killers stomping a totem in 2 seconds is a decent trade off for a survivor having to run across the map and spend much longer blessing the same totem... honestly its not even worth it!

    If killers could remove totems from the game then on average the survivors will get to bless 1 totem each , with 1 left IF they can even find it... if that changs happens i can guarantee you nobody is gonna run boons anymore because theyre weak and useless. Theyre already situational as they are and the ONLY thing making them worth running is the fact you can rebless them.

    All killer hex's require no time wasted looking for totems, or time wasted setting them up. They also waste the survivors time looking for them and destroying them. The value from the killers hex is always passive value from them progressing the game and completing their objective-

    ruin- chase off a gen, blood favour - hit a survivor, crowd control- chase a survivor, retribution- survivor doing totems not gens, haunted ground- survivor doing totems not gens.

    The boons require the survivor to WASTE time to find and setup whilst no progression is being made in the game.

    True theres 4 survivors but if all 4 are looking for totems to bless thats 4 doing nothing. Either way the game is not progressing and time is massively being wasted.

    I genuinly dont think theyre broken at all, and in trying to use them ive found theyve wasted so much time that theyre more of a detriment- especially if ive gone out of my way to find a totem to bless that isnt useless.

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    Maybe have totems have 'uses'.

    For example, every totem has 3 uses, or charges. Each time a killer snuffs a Totem, the totem loses 1 charge. When the killer stompes the totem for the 3rd time, have to totem disappear for say 120 seconds then reappear, or have it not return at all. Just a thought.

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    Yes, because no sense dull will not became noed when remove the bless.