"Bless You" Achievement is partially bugged. (or am I missing something?)

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Bless You

Bless a Hex totem 20 times in public matches.

So, I played a match, I blessed 2 totems (I blessed one and while that one was active I blessed another one, deactivating the first one). I didn't get any progress, it stayed at 0/20.

Then I played another match, I blessed 1 totem, it stayed up the whole match and now I have 1/20.

So the first match for some reason didn't give me any progress, I escaped both trials, I even got the Adept on my first trial, I don't know if you don't get progress if the totem gets snuffed, or if you deactivate/activate a second totem... but for some reason I didn't get any progress the first match.

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