why do you play killer?


playing killer is one of the most stressful things in the entire game and as it has been shown over the years by the devs idea of balance that is not going to change (srsly its an asymmetrical game why are they balancing for 2kill2escape with a 50% kill average it should be 3kill1escape with a 65% kill average at least, killers are supposed to be the power role)

so what makes you decide that you want to play killer (other than being a masochist).

I personally only play killer to get 100% achievements and the tome challenges.


  • Grandpa_Crack_Pipe
    Grandpa_Crack_Pipe Member Posts: 3,306

    Because I have fun playing killer.

    Guess i'm built different.

  • lovemeplz
    lovemeplz Member Posts: 84

    I find killer more fun because you always have to do something and you always need to be alert of the survivor movement so you can spot them.

    Recently however i find killer to be a pain but i dont know if its because of mmr or boon.

  • Heartbound
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    Killer is fun. I do on occasion get that group that pushes gens quicker than I can down them to a surprising degree, but once you learn to drop chases if a survivor is kiting you then things get a lot easier. Some survivors have trouble predicting what I'll do next and it makes them make mistakes. This is fortunate because usually I don't even know what I'm going to do next so it works out.

    That survivor doesn't HAVE to go down right now. You just need to zone him away from the generators so he can play in his pallet fort where there are no gens for him to play with.

    My playstyle is really active though and I'm the type to be hyper aggressive and play with no gen defense and Devour Hope/Rancor etc. If you let me nibble on your team long enough you're gonna regret it and thus, this is why I enjoy killer. I like making survivors think and see how they react. Sometimes I learn tricks from other survivors by watching what they do vs. me.

  • SleepyWillo
    SleepyWillo Member Posts: 2,197

    Started for points.

    Now it's just relaxing not having to play with bad teammates. I don't typically get titled by things killers do that give them an advantage. I DO get tilted by teammates consistently sandbagging and making bad plays.

  • Marc_go_solo
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    Because, for me, it's actually fun! But the primary reason why it's fun in my case is that I randomize my build before every single trial. This means I'm playing a new (or nearly always new) killer setup every trial, which leads to unique playstyles, variation in tactics and often confusing survivors.

    A lot goes on in the head. For example, if I find a survivor quickly, they may presume I have Lethal Pursuer. If I hook someone and head towards a gen which just so happens to have a survivor on it, they may think I have BBQ. If they see Hex: Thrill of the Hunt active, they may well assume I have a Hex elsewhere, amd if not I must have NOED in their heads.

    On the other hand, unexpected perka can likewise confuse them. Unrelenting can catch them offguard after an initial dodge, Spies From The Shadows can give away positions when the survivor doesn't expect it, Claustrophobia may also catch survivors out who feel there's just enough time, or even make them try to rationalise I may have Crowd Control instead.

    Basically, familiarity breeds contempt. I keep it interesting, stay random and it's surprising how successful a killer can be without Meta setups. Skill, randomness and subtle mindgames can often win trials, even with the worst setups.

  • sizzlingmario4
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    1. more bloodpoints, because survivors just don’t get as many
    2. because I want to play both sides even if playing killer is stressful. I am a survivor main, but I still play a lot of killer (probably like a 70-30 split)
    3. playing a certain killer also teaches you how to play against that killer more effectively.
    4. because I still enjoy it overall even with MMR and circle of healing making it even more stressful than it was. As much as I enjoy playing survivor, playing killer at least ensures I get to take part in chases. Sometimes I get survivor matches where I just don’t get chased.
    5. Survivor queues are long at night so that’s when I usually play killer if I’m not playing survivor with a friend
  • Lordofweed
    Lordofweed Member Posts: 297

    I do pla Killer sometimes and i do that to feel the ultimate SBMM-Chuck-Norris-Survivor-SWF-Pain :)

  • edgarpoop
    edgarpoop Member Posts: 8,092

    I play it because it's fun. I 3k/4k most of the time and don't find it that stressful anymore

  • SweetTerror
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    I play killer not only for the increased blood points, but it is a lot more fun than survivor. To me survivor is boring. Hold a button to do a generator, hold a button to cleanse a totem, hold a button to heal yourself, etc. It's boring.

    However, like many people I've experienced a miserable time with SBMM when it comes to my killer games. I'm lucky if I secure more than one kill in every match I play, which is considered a loss regardless of how many hooks you get, or blood points you earn. A lot of this has to do with the fact that there simply aren't enough high-ranking Killers playing anymore, so all the high ranking survivors in my area are being matched against casual lower MMR Killers like myself. I kid you not, the last 10 games that I've played have all resulted in 0-1 kills, and that's across three different killers that I'm fairly decent with. I manage a decent amount of hooks, but I can't secure more than one kill. It's frustrating to say the least.

    The lack of people playing killer does result in faster queue times for me (especially at times when it shouldn't), but the payoff just isn't worth it imo.

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  • Aurelle
    Aurelle Member Posts: 3,611

    More BP, a little bit more fun, and I want to play both sides.

  • SunsetSherbet
    SunsetSherbet Member Posts: 1,607

    Obligation when I stream. No other reason anymore.

  • RainehDaze
    RainehDaze Member Posts: 2,573

    Because as stressful as doing nothing as killer can be, I would fundamentally find the role of survivor worse. It's all the parts of a multiplayer experience I don't like.

  • Jplanas98
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    Originally it was because survivor was just to easy and I didn't have enough matches where I felt satisfied after winning. With Killer, it's at least more challenging and it feels satisfying when you win a match that felt like you shouldn't have had any chance of winning. I also get extra BP for playing Killer.

    Now, it's because I'm ######### stupid.

  • pizzaduffyhp90
    pizzaduffyhp90 Member Posts: 901

    I enjoy playing killer cause it's more action than Survivor rather than sitting on a gen all game at least I'm moving and hunting plus I'm in an MMR spot that's not to high where I can play and have a chill time

  • Tr1nity
    Tr1nity Member Posts: 5,047

    To stab.

  • dugman
    dugman Member Posts: 9,714

    I like playing killer much better than survivor

    • I mainly play solo and killer is the solo-only role
    • There’s a much wider variety of killer abilities and playstyles than survivors which helps keep things from becoming too stale
    • Killers have a lot less downtime than survivors. A significant portion a survivor game is spent either doing a gen, being downed or being on a hook. Killers are in contrast always worst case able to proactively at least try and get into chases (aside from the very end of the game once you can’t prevent still standing survivors from escaping.)
    • Thematically the killers are more interesting than the survivors which are mostly pretty generic. (Aside from maybe Ash)
  • RainehDaze
    RainehDaze Member Posts: 2,573

    I will never understand Ash being a survivor; guy is terribly suited for such a meek role.

  • dugman
    dugman Member Posts: 9,714

    Ash isn’t the survivor, he’s just the guy who carries the real survivor - Puppet Ash.

  • Rougual
    Rougual Member Posts: 526

    Because solo queue is horrible

  • kaeru
    kaeru Member Posts: 1,568

    I have reasons.

    • I find it less stressful than solo survivor.
    • Instant queue time at evening.
    • About 30k bp every match is a normal result for killer. +BBQ stacks +BP offerings = ~90k BP every match.
    • No dumb idiots ruining my game with DC or suicide.

    I genuinely have same question to survivors. Why they play survivor other than being masochist?

  • Shenlong1904
    Shenlong1904 Member Posts: 293

    Because killer is less stressful to me, and no, the game should not be balanced around 3k1e, thats dumb

  • Johnny_XMan
    Johnny_XMan Member Posts: 6,424

    Because it’s fun, and because it is less stressful than survivor for me because I can be independent with my choices, rather than have one person drag me down.

  • ukenicky
    ukenicky Member Posts: 1,352

    I play killer mainly for daily rituals or rift challenges.

    When I play killer I try to have fun and use memey builds/add-ons. My favorite thing to do is scare people. I'd rather jump scare survivors all match than kill everyone as fast as possible.

  • GoodBoyKaru
    GoodBoyKaru Member Posts: 22,633

    Because I have no reason to want to play survivor, especially solo.

  • Sakurra
    Sakurra Member Posts: 1,046

    Now only for challenges. Killer gameplay is dead.

  • Junylar
    Junylar Member Posts: 1,930

    Because playing soloQ survivor is by an order of magnitude worse.

  • lordfart
    lordfart Member Posts: 538

    Survivor is too stressful for me, as killer I can relax and enjoy myself. Doesn't seem to be a common experience but I really don't relate to complaints about killer being more painful than survivor as I don't like feeling powerless, and survivor makes me feel that way. The fact you can get taken out the game and coz I seem to be a crap survivor, most of my games end up just being me spectating my friends while they play. It sucks lol

  • nikodemo
    nikodemo Member Posts: 758

    Killer is fun. I like the hunt, the cat and mouse of it.

    There's also no where else in the world that I can step into the shoes of my favorite killers, Pinhead, Pyramid Head, Demogorgon. That's simply priceless. What a legendary experience.

  • lav3
    lav3 Member Posts: 758

    For archive challenges.

    Once they are done, nope!

  • ThiccBudhha
    ThiccBudhha Member Posts: 6,988

    I exiled myself from Overwatch because garbage teammates were becoming stressful. I first tried some fighting games, as that is where I came from, but Strive didn't even have a lobby system, isn't that pathetic? I digress, I just wanted to be alone without deadweight. And that is why killer is so great. No one to hold me back. Also I love horror movies, so playing all of these iconic heroes got me going, fam. Freddy is kind of like my favorite fictional character. Hope he makes it in Multiversus.

  • Ussu
    Ussu Member Posts: 177

    Thrill of the hunt

  • Kira4Evr
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    I play killer so that I don't have to deal with all the disgusting killers out there lmao

    I'm looking at you Trickster

  • RaSavage42
    RaSavage42 Member Posts: 5,533

    Cause I have no friends

    And if I wanna play solo then Killer is the best way to do that

  • danielmaster87
    danielmaster87 Member Posts: 8,546

    The challenge, the skill involved, the variety of gameplay styles. The thing is that the game's challenging to the point of your skill not mattering because you lose anyway, and that leads to you wanting to play with less variety so that you don't experience those unjustified losses as much. The game is self-defeating in its current state.

  • vacaman
    vacaman Member Posts: 1,140

    Because survivor is boring, I only play it with friends. Killer might be harder and requires more attention but that was what drew me into playing killer in the first place. Nowadays I just play much less the game than i used to.

  • dictep
    dictep Member Posts: 1,333

    That’s exactly the problem with many people playing killer. They need to feel powerful in a video game and you’re no suppose to easily 4k, sorry. You’re suppose to 2k. And then they feel powerless and come to these forums crying

  • RenRen
    RenRen Member Posts: 1,443

    I like a challenge. Issue is it's not really a challenge if I have no chance.

  • Hannacia
    Hannacia Member Posts: 1,161

    I guess inside of me lives a tiny masochist...i cant think of another reason.

  • ShinobuSK
    ShinobuSK Member Posts: 5,279

    I payed way too much money in this game to just play 50% of it.

    And I enjoy some killer powers, BP gain with bbq and doing challenges.

    Sure it is stressful af sometimes even if you want to take it easy and chill, but not because you playing killer but because you playing on badham or because of rng.

    It took me some time to get used to it and I dont mind it that much anymore.

    The fun aspect of this game is making your own rules and fun, and killer role is the best for it. And in the end its a game and if you dont enjoy playing it, noone is forcing you.

  • Gwinty
    Gwinty Member Posts: 981

    Because I get to have fun.

    MMR was quit good for me in this regard. I dropped all slowdown perks from my builds safe for some very fitting ones and got beaten a bit. When Pinhead came out I deceided to not run a single slowdown on him and went with Brutal Strength, Hex: Plaything, Hex: Thrill of the Hunt and Deadlock. Just enough to not get overwhelmingly punished by all survivors spawning by themself. I never got high up with this build of course as beefy toolboxes, efficient genrushing and meta-builds beat me.

    However once the MMR settled I got to have plenty of fun especially during the week. On weekends its becoming harder but still interesting.

    Same for my other Killers: I grinded them down by getting their adepts and then added funnier perks. Spirit with Dragons Grip and Bloodfavore, Billy with Infectious Fright and Lightborn baseline, Myers with Monitor and Baboozle, Pyramide Head with Scourge Hooks...you get the idea, I take perks that I find fitting.

    To put it short: I adapted, stopped worrying about my "Rank" or "MMR" and just enjoy some cool moments. The only thing disrupting my inner peace are bad mannering survivors but even that is better once I added Franklys to some build...can not flick a flashlight when you have no flashlight.

  • Luciferr_2nd
    Luciferr_2nd Member Posts: 911

    I also only play killer when i have archives

    Most of my matches are just miserable nowadays

  • oxygen
    oxygen Member Posts: 3,288

    Because I find it fun just like I always have, not any deeper than that.