Have you ever been accused of cheating due to Mad Grit?

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*was, not as.

Have you ever been accused of cheating due to Mad Grit? 13 votes

yes. it as hilarious.
69% 9 votes
No, but I'm going to go try to make that happen.
7% 1 vote
23% 3 votes
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  • Fobbo
    Fobbo Member Posts: 452

    I have actually. I dont know why nobody reads perks if they are new

  • GoodBoyKaru
    GoodBoyKaru Member Posts: 22,633

    yeah it was highkey tragic for them

  • Jplanas98
    Jplanas98 Member Posts: 532

    This just makes me think of Benjo's videos.

  • blue4zion
    blue4zion Member Posts: 2,773

    No, but I did spam a Glyph as Spirit granting the same effect, and they accused me of being some kind of hacker XD

  • kaeru
    kaeru Member Posts: 1,568

    Yes. It was on Game map. I used full fun build Mad Grit, Iron Grasp, Agitation, Starstruck on Trickster. And survivors was sticking around when I carry someone to the hook. So with agitation it wasn't a problem to catch up to survivors. It was a fast match. They were mad at the end and someone said I was hacking.