Killers Walking Speed


So I've been playing a lot of killer but I am a survivor main. After playing both I personally think that killers need a buff in their walking speed. I always watch a friend of mine play a lot and by the time they get one person a lot of times 3 gens will pop off. I think that making them faster could be a good way to cut down on looping time. Also I know what a lot of people are going to say with the gen rushing and hes not spending a crap ton of time chasing someone. It is just crazy how long a good survivor can run the killer before even getting their first hook. I think survivors have way too many options with dead hard, decisive, windows, palletes, etc. And I think that if you were to make killers walking speed faster (and I mean during a chase mainly) that they could even buff up desicive and stuff like that because killers would be able to keep up speed wise to survivors. To me it just seems like a simple thing that could help balance things for the killers.