One more goal for Killers besides Sacrifice (Idea)

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I'm talking about the main goal of the killers, killing survivors/sacrificing them.

Many players are unhappy with their match result if three survivors managed to escape or they failed to hook more than one survivor.

So I thought, why not add another element?

This is a horror game with terrifying killers, they can do much more than stab and hook.

Let’s say the killer has two possible options, either to sacrifice for the Entity or a killing process in their own way.

The "killing process" can cause survivors to get injured for the long run, gives them negative effects even after healing.

For example: Head Trauma, survivors gets some kind of process penalty.

Injured Arm can cause survivors to be unable to heal themselves or others.

And so on.

When the survivor gets at least (Random number) different injuries, they will die when the killer hits them for the (Random number) time.


The hook is going to stay the same but the whole idea above is the process of hitting the survivor until hooking them.

Good survivors will suffer from various injuries that will make their game more difficult and stressful.

I think it's can work with the current health states, realistically one hit can cause a random injury and the second hit can put them into the dying state, another random injury.

In case and the killer have almost no hooks but manage to hit the survivors multiple times, eventually the survivors will die. they can't survive this.


I think this idea can improve the game experience for both sides as long as you do a good calculation of how many times the killer have to hit until the survivor dies.


I thought about Legion while typing this, using Frenzy will not count their hits as a "Killing Process".

Maybe some perks will have to change because of negative effects from Injuries.

The whole point for this idea is to survive and make it harder for the survivors and add another option for the killer.


I would love to hear your opinion and if you have anything to add to my idea, please do so.

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    Honestly I really like this. I think some balancing can be done to compensate for survivors but overall, this would be pretty neat. Survivors need more incentives to heal anyway and Legion does need to have a purpose.

  • RoaderFrost
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    Sounds fun... eye trauma and half screen goes black. Leg trauma to make them slower, hands to reduce repair speed and item usage.

    Unfortunately it never gets implemented as game is more cartoon style with all that friendship, magic and Circle of Healing. Definitely not horror.

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    Being Injured actually having gameplay related effects from random debuffs is actually an interesting idea, could allow med-kits to be used for something other than just being a Health-state machine.

    Edit: kinda stopped thinking about this as it would need more debuff types to be more interesting.

    Could also tie this into Luck

    Minor Injuries:

    Chance for one effect to be applied when Injuring a Survivor:

    • None
    • Hemorrhage
    • Mangled
    • Oblivious (temporary)
    • Deep Wound (low chance)

    Major Trauma:

    Chance for one effect to be applied when putting a Survivor into the dying state, lasting until they become Healthy:

    • None
    • Blinded (until Healthy)
    • Oblivious (until Healthy)
    • Exhausted (low chance, until Healthy)
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    Its an interesting concept, and im glad it wasnt what i was tinking, i expected another topic about how boons are good for killers cause gives them extra objectives, but back to the topic.

    In paper i definitly like the idea, to make it so injuries have more lasting efects aside temporal debuffs, and for the most parts they make sense (bonk the survivor head trauma, stab it bleeding) but in practice it could be a bit complicated.

    The easiest way to implement this, would be based on the killers themselves, those who have knifes/claws will mosto f the time bleed people, while the ones with blunt objects cause tramua/broken bones. The % chance would have to work in a similar way, the stab of legion wont bleed you the same way the sword of pyramid head will. The potential problem i could se is that a lot of perks would become obsolete as their efects would become somewhat repetitive, that unless they stack (pyramid head with sloopy butcher would have to have a particularly nasty and strong bleed efect to name one example).

    Regardless i do like the idea,, could make for an interesting addition to the game

  • Underdawg
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    This is an interesting idea. I really like threads like these. Good job OP.