Dear Killer/Survivor...

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...what are some things you wish you could have said to a particular killer or survivor in a match, but didn't. Either, you thought better of it, or they didn't have the right platform. I'll start!

Dear Mr. Killer Man:

Dropping me repeatedly on a closed hatch is not going to make it open. I need a key. I'm not sure what your game plan was there. Maybe I was too dumb to figure it out.

Yours Truly,

Confused Dead Survivor

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  • Barbarossa2020
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    Dear Pizzasauce.

    Well spelling truly you drop the E.

    Regards Barbarossa.

  • Anniehere
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    "Leon, I'm going to unhook you. ran and hide and don't try to save me. i will die for your escape" 😥

    I have sad stories with random Leons.

  • Pizzasauce
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    Dear Claudette:

    What I am doing is taking a hit for you. It's okay to run away. It's okay to run AWAY from the killer, not TOWARDS the killer who has been camping you. Just like, thought you should know.



  • FilthyLegionMain
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    Dear salty twitch streamer, I'm sorry that I looped you for quite a bit and kept you on me with clicking my flashlight which I took from the dead david. Still, that is no excuse to call me fat just because I ran good. In fact, it is an ironic statement.

  • RainehDaze
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    Dear Last Survivor,

    If the hatch is closed and I'm right behind you, can you please accept defeat and not proceed to circle the entire map throwing every possible pallet in my way? I'm not going to go temporarily blind and you're going to die eventually either way. I don't think the BP gains are worth several minutes of our lives.

    This also goes for your relatives that think they can extend this straight chase long enough for a downed survivor to bleed out and get hatch. The maps are big but not that big.

  • Sakurra
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    Dear bubba killer,

    Don't pretend you are farming. I don't trust you. I was the only one that knew what was your plan. You tried to make us trust you. The other survivors fell in your trap, but I didn't. You hooked me once, I was saved and I managed to loop you with 0 perks until you gave up on me.

    Dear survivors,

    Don't trust a killer so easily and pointing to me saying "yes, kill her", doing gen in my face while I was looping the killer. Two of you died and I escaped against noed+blood warden.

  • Pizzasauce
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    Dear Survivor Self,

    Why would you run through a hooked survivor getting rescued whilst being chased by the killer? Why? I ask again....why? You didn't deserve that hatch.

    Sulking in loathsomeness,


  • Tr1nity
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    To that one nemesis main on Haddonfield

    Thank you for showing me what a nodding nemesis looks like while running.

    Best wishes,

    - Tr1nity

    Alias: ChickenNoodleSoup, Trinity

  • ThiccBudhha
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    I did that to someone who probably had a broken key, they must have thought I was insane. They wanted the free escape, but I wanted to see the key work its magic, so I just slugged them to death instead...

  • StarLost
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    Dear Meg and Ash: Playing hide and seek and stalling the entire match out because you gave me a 3gen is classless and lame.

    Dear Russian TTV premade from this morning: I hope someone puts anchovies on your next pizza. Stalling the game out to endlessly sabo, teabag, flicky flicky and bodyblock for your viewers...there's something wrong with you.

    Dear Dwight from my last game: I was trying to give you and your chum the gate after the Nea DC'd, but you wouldn't take the hint despite me basically carrying you to the final gen and hitting it repeatedly. I wasn't trying to be BM. Also - shake the crows off next time. I can see them and down you from across the map.

    Dear survivors in general: teabagging is weaksauce after I did everything in my power to make the game fun for us both. Keep in mind that while I can't do anything about it, the next groups I face will likely suffer for it - and if we see each other again...boy are you in for a surprise.

  • Ussu
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    Dear survivor,

    Why oh why do you insist on dragging killer to me every time I am injured and trying to heal? And why, when you are injured and being chased by killer, do you run straight for me? And why oh why do you go out of your way to try to evade killer by hiding in plain sight a couple feet away from where I am working on a gen or healing?

  • Underdawg
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    Dear Mr. Killer,

    I know you've closed the hatch. I know I'm already dead, but I want to practice my chase and mindgames. I'm not trying to waste your time. I'm trying to get better and have one last fun chase before I die.



    Dear Survivor Squad,

    You see that I'm not running any gen slow downs. If you want to hide, slam gens, and leave that's cool, but we're all leaving this match with sub 20K BP. I'm not sure if it was worth any of our time.



  • Fobbo
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    Sorry i did it for the challenge.

    Survivor with a toolbox, built to last and prove thyself

  • Pizzasauce
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    Dear SWF,

    I feel horrible. I did not realize you were beginners. I thought I was just really good. I should have known better. I'm really sorry for not taking it easy on you.


    Full Perk vs. One Perk Each

  • Marigoria
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    Dear Survivors who play Bill, why do you never bring BT when it's an amazing perk and it's in his basekit?

  • Sonzaishinai
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    Dear Killer/Survivor

    Waah waah waah sob sob cry


    Love Survivor/Killer

  • Pizzasauce
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    Dear Survivors:

    I don't know why I felt the need to t-bag each and every one of you while you helplessly hung from the hook. I don't know what is wrong me. I feel bad.

    I'm sorry,


  • tennmio
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    Dear survivors,

    1.why are you trying to save the sandbagging teammate that farmed two of you on death hook without bt even, right when I chased them? Just don't. Be thankful that their behaviour did get punished for once.

    2.I know it might have seemed like I was faking being new to killer, but I was actually just chillin'. Just you flashlight clicking and tbagging (because you think it's fun against an unexperienced killer) is not ok and you deserved to not escape.

    3.thanks for not leaving instantly and trying to get the 4 man out. I appreciate that <3

    Dear antimate,

    1.yes you were hiding pretty good and I sometimes let the last survivor get the hatch but you don't deserve to escape.

    2.yes I relized that you were trying to sandbag (because you were always running towards other survivors on gens or hoooked). No, you're not getting rewarded for that.

    3.I know your plan- to loose the killer on others- usually works out fine. As most people don't care or pay attention, but you cannot expect it to work all the time. I will certainly do what I can to prevent you from escaping.

    Dear killer,

    1.thanks for fairplay <3. Yes that was a purple beamer that I left for you.

    2.why are you rewarding that antimate with the hatch? Did you play a different game or are you having your head in the clouds...? I am not taking the escape. You tunneled and camped everyone from the start and now you're trying to "save your soul"/not have to feel bad or guilty by giving the last survivor the hatch? Nah. I don't even care for surviving and I certainly won't help you to clear up your conscience.

    4.sorry I saved that teammate. If I knew beforehand that they were tbgagging I would have left them to die.

    5.I know you're pretty new to it, thanks for trying your best and sorry they tbagged you at the exit.

    6.I'm not playing this. You hardcore tunneled the first one from the start and I won't give you a chase. I won't run, but tbag you. I want you to have zero fun. I want you to have easy, boring wins (just as you wish). Only till you get destroyed by a toxic swf that tbaggs and bullys you as you deserve. I am not an easy kill. I was just being nice and trying to help you out because I realized you were doing that challenge/trophy. But if you decide to tunnel I'll make it difficult.

    Someone that cares for decent behaviour and fairplay

  • Ghouled_Mojo
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    Dear bill

    your chronic coughing is a sign of possible emphysema from the years of constant smoking and the unwillingness to not smoke while running for your life.

  • deKlaw_04
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    Dear survivors stop being toxic, if I’m playing nice don’t be a dick. This also goes to my solo que teammates that just try to harass the killers and it’s annoying

    dear killers, stop camping and tunneling. Don’t be a dick unless the survivors deserve it

  • Tostapane
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    Dear killer, why you are toxic towards people that doesn't deserve it?

    Dear survivors, ddossing me when I won playing in a ######### map for me, playing absolutely fair without broken addons and without being a sweatlord won't change the outcome of the match, you still loose, and you'll have a longer queue as survivor due to your childish behavior

    Dear survivors, you can't perk shame me or complain about my game style when you genrush, use broken items, meta builds and being picks towards me. You simply deserve it cause you aren't here to have fun, you are here to humiliate and bully people for your ego...