Survivor's low MMR Hell


Yeah, Sure, This is fair... 🤐

That person wasn't even that good, but this is just ridiculous, I want a rematch with Full Meta Perks.


  • Underdawg
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    LOL. OP really feeling like...

  • Myla
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    That baby dwight with a flash light :^)

  • Plsfix369
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    Coming from a legion main, even i got respect for the little guys. This was just last blood hunt, I'm telling you SBMM is wack.

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  • burt0r
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    At which time of day did you play that match in the op? Prime time (for eu after 8pm for example) or during the day?

    I have the suspicion that bhvr kept the mechanism of throwing matchmaking out the window once queue times surpass a certain threshold.

  • Sludge
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    I must be the only person who likes the new SBMM. It forces the sweat lords to play against each other and they don't like it, because it exposes how flawed the game is on a competitive level.

    Getting rank 1 on either side was so easy, casuals were forced to play with 2000hr Billy/Blights abusing sensitivity settings or SWF with full meta builds and flashlights.

    I still have nightmares about old ruin and 24/7 Nurse/Billy games all day, every day. Good riddance.

  • NatzAshe
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    DBD matchmaking is a joke, it matches adept killers against noob survivors and vice versa..

    There are adept killers, adept survivors, noob killers and noob survivors, but apparently someone decided it would be more funny not to match players with their skilled counterparts.

  • hex_uwu
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    Had a similar experience to OP last night. I was wondering why my team were all going down at 5 gens. Eventually I grew bored of babysitting and killed myself on hook (I know, I’m ashamed of myself too).

    I know rank means nothing but judging by the fact at least one of them was able to type in pre-game despite not being on Steam I’m assuming they’re people who just made accounts on Epic?

    my matchmaking after this game was absolutely fine for the rest of the night so I have no idea what happened.