Please Stop Asking Us To Break Pallets


Or if you MUST add in "break # of pallets" challenges make it 15 or less.

When you get to even just medium level of Survivors they don't ever drop pallets. You can try and FORCE pallets but even then a lot of people get greedy and would rather go down under an upright slab of wood than drop it on the Killer's head.

There are a bunch of challenges I hate, many I just find annoying, but very few I dread. "Break pallet" challenges are ones I hate seeing the most and find super annoying to try and do without going 'friendly' and signaling for people to drop them.


  • str4wberryp
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    These challenges usually also comes with "break doors and kick generators".

    Just kick gens non stop, survivors will usually help you with that.

  • vladspellbinder
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    We've got the "Drop in chase or break" one as well, which means that as Survivor you have to play like a little [female dog] and just use up all the pallets.

    Even with adding in gens you've got to go 'friendly' mode to do FIFTY in a reasonable number of games. And another factor with kicking gens is that unless the Survivors are memeing and slash or being a bully squad they are going to do gens for you to kick, because they have to be done for them to win.

    As for breakable walls, well, some maps just don't have very many of those at all.

    My main problem is that the Killer has no real control over the challenge to break pallets. Gens will be done because they HAVE to be done, but a lot of Survivors would rather take a nap on the ground than drop a pallet too early or at all, even when you're trying to force the drop. Pallets are hard to get to drop playing "normally", that is not being "friendly" and not going for hits at pallets so you get stunned instead.

  • Thunderfrog
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    I don't like to play friendly killer, but I do for these sorts of events. I've found that if I just stand under a pallet and whack it, someone will catch on that I'm after a challenge. And one thing both survs and killers can agree on is that in this games ridiculous BP grind, challenges are important. (And often worth more BP than a 4k).

    Once they whack you, got to the next pallet. I've cleared all 20-30 something pallets of Gideon this way. They'll also usually understand that if you whack the generator, that you want to take turns repairing and kicking. Then, if you are REALLY lucky, they will trade you BBQ hooks for healing and WGLF unhooks.

    Then its up to you whether you want to NOED/Warden them at end gates or not, but I think its generally bad form to do so.

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    I just play legion with the iri pin, brutal, enduring spirit fury fire up and send myself to the game. It's a moronic build but it's better than trying to farm. That's boring.

  • Marc_123
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    I consider these more of the easy ones.

    Usually get the break challenges pretty fast.

  • shootaman777
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    It's more about the killer you are using, rather than the survivors you are playing against. Some killers force pallet drops, others make dropping pallets a bad idea. Leatherface, Deathslinger, Clown, Nemesis, and Doc, for instance, force lots of pallet drops. But very few people will drop pallets against Huntresses, Nurses, Hillbillies, Legions, Plagues, Pyramid Heads, and Tricksters. Nemesis and Leatherface, in particular, are the best killers for this challenge, especially when you run the proper Spirit Fury/Enduring on Leatherface, or hit t2/3 mutation on Nemesis.

    EDIT: Also, Wraith isn't half-bad for this, either, if you run into pallets while cloaked, while pretending that you are trying to block the pallet drop hitbox.

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  • vladspellbinder
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    I'm still in the "Bloodpoints poor" stage and don't have the BP to dump into someone in search of Realm Offerings. So while I would do this when I can it's a Band-Aid not a cure.

    I don't like to "play friendly" either, which is why I'm complaining about the Challenge via normal gameplay. Some Challenges I've tried to do normally and just couldn't get for one reason or another, mostly the "In one trial" ones, like the "Damage the same gen five times" one (or how many ever times it was). Pallet break Challenges are doable but just plain annoying. I want a Challenge to be a challenge, not just a tedious task. I know that's not how the devs use them but a man can dream right?

    The problem comes in when it's the very first Killer challenge in the list and you HAVE to complete it to get to other ones that are more fun to do. I DID have it on "in the background" but for a couple of games I made very little progress with it because either only one or no pallets got dropped and I couldn't apply pressure to kick the gens.

    As I said above I want to Challenges to actually be challenging, not just tedious. And also as said above yes I know that's not how they normally are anyways but it can't hurt to at least ask they get changed, right?

    Yeah, but even then it's a toss up on if they drop or not. I've played many Leatherface games where a Survivor will play "Pallet chicken" with me trying to get that stun and they loose, going down with the pallet still up. I could have pulled back, to give them the pallet down, but that's not normal gameplay and my whole argument is how hard it is to get pallets to drop though normal gameplay.

    At a certain level Survivors just stop dropping pallets, at least during the early-to-mid game. Normally after the last gen is done they fall like timber at a Lumberjack convention but, again, if you're letting the gens get done as Killer you're either doing a bad job or have an end game build and I personally don't do the latter.

    I am very much aware that some Killers are better than this than others, but I'd rather the Challenge not be am un-fun slog.

  • Warcrafter4
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    If generator damage counts then just use surge Jolt.

    It damages multiple generators at once so a single activation usually gets you 2+ generators damaged without needing to manually kick them yourself.

    The pure pallet kicking ones are garbage but most aren't pure pallet kicking.