If you could have one thing to return to DBD what would it be?

Mushwin Member Posts: 4,576

It could be say a perk? would you like for a buff or a nerf to never of happened? I know it wont happen but I would to have Hawkins back.


  • Sonzaishinai
    Sonzaishinai Member Posts: 7,976

    Og freddy.

    With some slight adjustments

  • OpenX
    OpenX Member Posts: 890

    Dark mist offerings doing something

  • apathyinc
    apathyinc Member Posts: 449

    The reworked locomotion animations that lasted about a week in live game.

  • Aurelle
    Aurelle Member Posts: 3,611

    The old versions of the maps. They were so much better looking than what they were updated to.

  • Nathan13
    Nathan13 Member Posts: 6,635

    Old Freddy

  • Mert_MK
    Mert_MK Member Posts: 674

    Definitely the old maps, especially asylum and coldwind. The reworked ones just look so dull/lifeless.

  • Shroompy
    Shroompy Member Posts: 6,260

    POV Chase Music

    Event Lobby Music also playing when selecting a killer/survivor

  • Pulsar
    Pulsar Member Posts: 20,488

    The feeling of old DBD.

    Either that or Moonlight Offerings. I just thought the idea was really nifty.

  • Rizzo
    Rizzo Member, Administrator, Mod Posts: 17,385

    Noodle legs, bring that back! 😡

  • MikeyBoi
    MikeyBoi Member Posts: 537

    Old survivor movement

  • Chordyceps
    Chordyceps Member Posts: 1,693

    The original The Game map. I wasn't the biggest fan of it at the time, but man was I taking it for granted.

  • Tr1nity
    Tr1nity Member Posts: 5,047

    Old freddy

  • FFirebrandd
    FFirebrandd Member Posts: 2,445

    One thing?

    Pre Nerf Deathslinger. Loved him and everything he could do. The nerfs he got butchered literally everything I liked about him.

  • PNgamer
    PNgamer Member Posts: 1,415
    edited January 2022

    the new genrepair sound

  • Murgleïs
    Murgleïs Member Posts: 1,046

    I want the old nurse back. I was not playing dbd back then, everybody told me she was op but I didn't have the opportunity to play her :(

  • not_Queef
    not_Queef Member Posts: 793

    The old HUD.

  • Mushwin
    Mushwin Member Posts: 4,576
  • Veinslay
    Veinslay Member Posts: 1,959

    Bring back undetectable countering BT and old moris. I loved to insidious hide and tunnel the guy right off the hook to mori him lmao

  • Miles
    Miles Member Posts: 461

    Old struggle

  • Brimp
    Brimp Member Posts: 2,788

    Good balanc- oh wait that never existed... Well I guess pre nerf wraith.

  • Smoe
    Smoe Member Posts: 2,527

    PTB Oni chase music.

  • RenRen
    RenRen Member Posts: 1,443

    Pov Chase Music. I seriously can't understand why this was removed.

  • Laluzi
    Laluzi Member Posts: 5,553

    Hawkins or nighttime Coldwind. That yellow sky had a really cool feel to it, like the area was lit by a massive wildfire.

    Also, marginally less evil corn.

  • YuisPinkBob
    YuisPinkBob Member Posts: 353
    edited January 2022

    I know they've only just left but I hope to see the snowmen and pumpkins in future events. They just made events a bit more dynamic and fun, particularly the snowmen.

  • GingerBeard
    GingerBeard Member Posts: 270

    There was a time when a survivor could teabag and point at the same time, don't know if it was ever given an official name but I remember someone calling it the pointbag.

  • ReverseVelocity
    ReverseVelocity Member Posts: 3,170

    Release Freddy.

  • Phasmamain
    Phasmamain Member Posts: 11,531

    Old Freddy and Oni POV chase music

  • GarlicRice
    GarlicRice Member Posts: 118

    I like the idea of the Moonlight offerings, not sure how they worked fully but if they made daytime maps go to night I would love that. I'd love Daylight and Moonlight offerings.

  • legrosporc69
    legrosporc69 Applicant Posts: 250

    Old freddy need to be back

  • Shadowporn
    Shadowporn Member Posts: 36

    RBMM along with it's old rank reset (the one which put you in green ranks if you reached rank 1).

  • TMCalypso
    TMCalypso Member Posts: 333

    The "Happy Feet" glitch. It was honestly just harmless fun. I just want to be able to "tap dance" as a console player while pc players "moon walk" on by.

  • shinobu149
    shinobu149 Member Posts: 142

    I actaully like the daytime plus its easier fornthe killer to track the survivor in the corn maze lol

  • shinobu149
    shinobu149 Member Posts: 142

    Yea same survivors always want good killers nerfed its annoying then they complain that their weak lol

  • Sakurra
    Sakurra Member Posts: 1,046
    edited January 2022

    99% sabotaged hooks lol

  • oxygen
    oxygen Member Posts: 3,285

    Would say the bug that let you glue yourself to a gen so you don't have to hold M1, but considering they're adding interaction toggles it seems like my prayers have been answered.

    So the follow-up is moonlight offerings. Maps looked cool both with less and more light from the offerings, and I wonder how some of the newer maps would look with them in play.

  • AsherFrost
    AsherFrost Member Posts: 2,340

    Pinhead's voice lines. I still say them to myself, but it's not the same.