Should characters which use stereotypes be removed from the game to cause less offense?

AshleyWB Member Posts: 4,061

Example: David King is a survivor that is entirely based on harmful British and Mancunian stereotypes such as alcoholism, violent abuse, vulgar language, etc and it the perks also mock certain local phrases and must be renamed if behaviour surely do care about stamping hate out the game.

I find it very hypocritical when we're told that certain hate is more acceptable than other instances of hate.

It comes from a very privileged position to dictate what backgrounds of people have the right to be exposed to the very hate you set a precedent to remove from the game.

The amount of content creators (who you support) who spout "dead hard" in a Mancunian accent when they use the perk is beyond revolting.

I urge all players to refrain from talking for the duration that dead hard is not on cool down.

Do I make myself clear?

Can you imagine the outrage it would cause if a player did some sort of African accent when they played a character from that part of the world?

Yet it's completely fine to discriminate, stereotype and mock the culture of Manchester (and harmful British stereotypes) and ascribe it to the survivor David King?


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