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2500h player came back after a long break ;)


Hi, everyone!

I came back to the game after missing 7 chapters... Something changed? In community behavior/tactics ofc... I'm very curious...

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  • Mooks
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    That’s.. a pretty vague and expansive question…

    Which chapter was the last you have played?

    as for the major recent changes I would say:

    Moris now require 2 hooks on a surv instead of one

    Hatch only spawns when one survivor is left, keys can be used on closed hatch but require unlocking time of a few sec

    Boons are a new type of survivor perks: they can bless totems which will then have an aura of effect. They are pretty controversial but it’s really only one that is too strong (Circle of Healing gives the ability to self-heal at normal healing speed)

    Scourged Hooks are a new type of killer perks: there are 4 randomly chosen hooks that when used give relatively strong effects, killer sees them as white instead of yellow hook aura

    There have been many perk changes so I won’t go over all of them since I don’t know which ones you know of etc.

    Performance especially for (older) consoles is pretty bad and was at some points making DbD unplayable.

    For overall tactics: Survivors have their usual Loop/Hold W while in chase so others can genrush strategy’s. For killers it obviously depends on the power. There have obviously also been many changes that I won’t describe all now.

    otherwise the community is as usual. Crying about Noed/second chance/Camping/Tunneling/DS(which actually was nerfed)/Genrush/BMing etc.

    people are asking for a game health chapter without realizing it won’t do anything in the long run (game health needs to be higher focused for every update)

  • TheMadCat
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    I don't have anything to add from what Mooks said, but welcome back. I hope you'll enjoy your time into the Fog.