Boon Circle of Healing Incentivizes the killer to camp and tunnel.

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Boon Circle of healing allows all survivors to heal freely without a medkit or the need for another survivor to peel off a gen to heal them. It's extremely powerful even after the nerf. I love seeing it when I play survivor because it means I'm going to get a bunch of free heals.

The killer cannot devote time to go find this boon totem. They simply can't, the gens will pop before he finds it and it takes a minimal amount of time for one of the four survivors to go boon another totem.

So what's the best counter to this? What will prevent survivors from benefiting from Boon Circle of healing? Camping and Tunneling. Because you can't use circle of healing if you're too busying getting face camped and tunneled until the end of the game.

This is typically what I do and it works extremely well. It basically nullifies the perk and makes sure the survivors get zero value from boon totems. :)

You may ask, but what about Borrowed Time? Someone could get a sneaky unhook and then what? Well, that's were the power of counting to 12 comes into play. You see, by simply counting to twelve and then hitting the survivor, you can down them and ignore BT altogether.

The only real thing you have to worry about is DS. But usually you can tell if they have DS. Like if you've been tunneling a dude the whole match and then the whole team doesn't show up to take hits and try to save him, he probably has DS. Usually I leave Victor near them while I go harass the gens for 60 seconds. Works pretty well, usually I get some free hits in.

Anyways, that's the current meta.