You Get To Fix DbD, But Can Only Make *5* Changes. What Are They?

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A fun little challenge.

I'd say:

  1. More robust communication tools for solos - start with the new status effects that were bandied about a bit back and add in some proper, map wide symbols or pings. This should narrow the gap between solos and SWF and make it a bit easier to balance killers/addons.
  2. Rebalance MMR to account for lobby dodges and prioritize match quality a bit more over queue times than current.
  3. The endorsement system that myself and others have suggested - basically, allow players on the other side to reward survivors/killers for not being awful.
  4. Double BP gains for both sides, as if 4 stacks of WGLF and BBQ were present every game. Rework these perks to be good absent this effect.
  5. Rebalance maps for both sides. Swamp, Badham, Eyrie and a couple of others need to be less horrible for killers, Midwich probably needs to be a bit stronger for survivors, RPD needs to be smaller and have less narrow corridors and doorways.


  • GoodBoyKaru
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    Change 1) CPU optimisations. Apparently, these are the problem with the poor optimisation, especially on last-gen consoles. So, I'd make it better. ✨

    2) Solo queue now has plenty of aura perks baked into basekit. These perks are reworked to either further buff these basekit effects (ie. Kindred shows the killer aura when near a hook, survivor aura is basekit) or are given entirely new effects (Empathy now increases action speed when a survivor is injured for a short duration). Killer mechanics, such as totem spawns, gen speeds, gate spawns, etc. are rebalanced accordingly.

    3) Breakable walls are removed and affected areas rebalanced to account for this.

    4) Rebalance the Bloodpoints system, including removing the cap, removing the category cap and instead adding a match cap of 60k, increasing in-match gains, and lowering the cost of the Bloodweb.

    5) The most important change; Choice Restrictions are added to the game. Certain perks, powers, items, and Add-ons cannot be used together to create potentially problematic and often unfair scenarios.

  • Leachy_Jr
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    Okay so:

    • Ranked and casual mode
    • Reduced grind
    • Change loops on pretty much all maps
    • Delete circle of healing
    • Buff artist improve optimisation
  • Hoodied
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    1. This is already in the game but only for account level, but your first game of the day that results in a win (Or by my standards, escaping through the gate or hatch as survivor of killing atleast 2 survivors) will double that games BP gain, basically 2x BP for winning for the first time that day
    2. Make a casual mode and a ranked mode, with Casual's MMR being based on grade while Ranked is a seperate MMR system, with it going from bronze to grandmaster, with each rank giving you either BP or irishards, while hitting gold and above gives you a skin themed to it if you stay in that rank by the end of the season, while grandmaster gives you a sort of "evolved" version of the skin thats even better than the gold one
    3. Remove breakable walls and change maps to work without them, they cause major problems with balance and shouldn't even be in the game
    4. Completely rework RPD and have variants that remove certain rooms
    5. FoV slider, helps with people who can get motion sickness and just makes you feel good, while changing shadow born to something different (imo making it into a perk that makes the map brighter for you would be cool but thats changing brightness)
  • KerJuice
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    1. Remove SWF from public matches. The rest will fall into place and devs can balance the game out properly.
    2. Remove SWF from public matches. The rest will fall into place and devs can balance the game out properly.
    3. Remove SWF from public matches. The rest will fall into place and devs can balance the game out properly.
    4. Remove SWF from public matches. The rest will fall into place and devs can balance the game out properly.
    5. Remove SWF from public matches. The rest will fall into place and devs can balance the game out properly.
  • StarLost
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    Regarding 5...I was thinking about this a bit back.

    Something like a 'points' system, where each perk is assigned a number of points based on it's power, and you can only have so high of a point value equipped at any one time.

  • Hoodied
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    imo for the 5th choice on here, that would work super well in a ranked mode where you divide the 4 perks slots into being exclusive to 4 different perk types, like you can only use 1 chase perk, 1 gen perk, etc

  • StarLost
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    Regarding 2....I don't think it would work.

    This has been tried in other games, and it tends to just result in longer queues for both and worse, ranked players smurfing down their unranked MMR to annihilate newbies while still getting their rewards.

    The last time I saw this done was Starcraft 2, and it was a disaster. There were somehow more smurfs in Unranked...honestly, this is probably the thing that killed the game outside of KR.

  • GoodBoyKaru
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    Imho that limits build freedom too much. I want perk combos to be mixed and matched, I want synergy, I want really fun interactions that you didn't think about. I want new, strong, good perks made and released. I want build freedom. I don't want things getting too out of hand.

    Hence, just simple choice restrictions. If one combo is being too much of a problem slap on a choice restriction. You can still make good perks, perks which are strong by themselves, and now there's not much of a worry about breaking things because it can't be used with the other very good perks.

    I like choice restrictions more than points-based systems or categorised systems because choice restriction preserves build independence. If that makes sense?

  • StarLost
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    Mm. It's an interesting idea, but yeah - not sure how it would look in reality.

    Can you give some examples of perks that should be mutually exclusive?

  • ThatOneDemoPlayer
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    1. Nerf Dead Hard
    2. Decrease the size of every Map to be around the size of Coal Tower
    3. Nerf tunneling and camping
    4. Kicking a Generator regresses it by 5%. The 5% base regression increases by 2.5% every time the Killer hooks a Survivor they havent previously hooked (like BBQ Stacks) up to 4 unique Hooks
    5. Survivors can see the Status of other Survivors (if they're doing a Generator, cleansing/blessing a Totem, opening a Chest, healing another Survivor or healing on their own)
  • Phasmamain
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    1. Revert Freddy to his old version with @GeneralV rework concept
    2. Balance the outdoor maps by making them smaller and less safe overall while removing indoor maps (I’m going to be killed for this one)
    3. Make some form of BT base kit as well as making BBQ’s aura reading base kit (could make it killer instinct from 32m to be more fair)
    4. Focus on at least 2 killers per mid chapter with power/add on changes. Maybe take a community vote on who gets the update (similar to Meet your match if you’ve played TF2)
    5. Give Jeff more cosmetics
  • AsherFrost
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    1. All maps are at night.

    2. Matchmaking prioritizes even game over quick one.

    3. Ability to toggle repeated sound cues in the bloodweb/loadout screens so they can be removed forever.

    4. Everybody gets a headset with comms handled in game.

    5. All perks that are designed to stop the survivor from being seen when downed also temporarily mute that player.

  • DragonMasterDarren
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    Change 1: General Optimisations, self explanatory

    Change 2: Remove MMR, again, self explanatory

    Change 3: Remove the BP cap and double the BP gain

    Change 4: Remove Perk Tiers, they have no reason to exist considering how many perks we have and will probably continue to get

    Change 5, same as you, add a appraisal system to reward people for being nice to each other

  • GoodBoyKaru
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    Circle of Healing is choice restricted with other healing perks and/or Green + Purple Medkits.

    Dead Man's Switch is choice restricted with Scourge Hook: Pain Resonance

    Hex: Ruin and Blighted Corruption are choice restricted.

    Blink Range and Blink Recharge addons are choice restricted

    Dead Hard and Vigil/DS/BT/some other meta perk/s (I don't really know here) are choice restricted.

    Prove Thyself and Toolboxes are choice restricted

    They're not all well thought out limits, and I don't really agree with all of them, but they're the most complained about combos so I might as well use them as examples

  • Hoodied
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    So to go further in depth with it, the easiest way for a ranked mode to work in dbd is locking it until you hit Devotion 1, meaning you know the basics of dbd by then and prevents people from making a new account to cheese ranked and ruin the experience. Along with this, allowing grades to not demote will result in people in casual queue to be stuck in a grade (excluding red grade which still demotes), you also still gain grade with MMR or RP while in ranked, but only up to the second to last grade before red, this causes red grade to still be hard to get to, while using it as an anti-smurf tool.

    And treating grandmaster like a top x player will encourage people to fight to keep their rank, meaning if you are grandmaster you will be fighting to keep grandmaster, its just a rough start but I will be concepting this further that way it fixes the queue time issue and the smurf issue

  • EntitySpawn
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    1. Change SBMM, survivors more based on chases and objective while killer point based system (points for hooks, next stages and kills)

    2. Rework map sizes and the RNG within them (remove the ability to have 4 LT tiles one match then 4 gyms the next). This should make maps better on average and for balance.

    3. Punish quitting (salt mines) and punish campers (while part 1 would help slightly, built in mechanics can help)

    4. Reduce grind, loads of ways to do this. Dont feel it should be limited to one way.

    5. Rework perks and addons? Can I do both? So many are pointless I just wanna buff a bunch of perks and remove meme addons and make interesting ones. If I cant do both perks, both need alot updated especially survivors

  • GoshJosh
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    1. Borrowed Time basekit, but 15 seconds of endurance instead and no collision.
    2. Damaging generators does 5% base damage.
    3. Non-mobility killer powers cannot be activated within 12m of a hooked survivor - basement hooks and after the fifth gen pop excluded.
    4. Map balancing.
    5. Deleting Trickster.
  • egg_
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    You took the words out of my comment

    Except number 3. I'd trade that for a rebalance of maps: reduce the size of some, complete obliteration of others, adjustment of pallet spawns and jungle gyms (not only intended as "nerf" ex shelter woods and swamp). So yeah I'd be fine with breakable walls if it meant adjustment of all maps

    I really like number 5, I would've used a sort of coin system + categorization of perks. This would bring some variety to survivor builds, and a couple of killers come to mind too who won't feel as awful to go against...

  • StarLost
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    Ah. Okay, I'm a fan of addons being restricted on some killers, but that's mostly an issue with those killers being a touch too strong as is (Blight, Nurse...maybe MDR+flower Spirits). I'm not terribly enthused on the perks.

    CoH and Medkits - yeah...the major issue is that it's not mutually exclusive with *other people's* medkits. I think this would be a nerf to solos and CoH would still be a menace in SWF.

    DMS/PR - I don't think this is a problem at all. I'm glad that killers now have multiple viable options regarding meta-ish builds (PR+DMS, COB+Pop, Ruin+Tink+Undying, even Plaything+Penti on some killers). This pairing is only really strong on Artist and has an interesting trade-off.

    Blighted mean Corrupt Intervention? Eh. It's an annoying perk on it's own, but makes it hard to get a decent 3gen. It's also basically required for setup killers like Trapper.

    DH is just a problem perk and needs changing on it's own.

    DS and BT are both problem perks, but are sadly required to discourage certain very annoying playstyles.


    You know, on second thought I'm not a huge fan of the idea overall. I'd rather see weaker perks buffed a bit and a handful of problem perks reigned in slightly.

  • drsoontm
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    • Cut the maps down to a manageable size.
    • Make it so there aren't many god-loops or chainable strong tiles anymore.
    • Get rid of the boons or make them breakable (but then give them their original strength back).

    That's it, I' would only consider more changes after observing these two.

  • GoodBoyKaru
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    "Blighted mean Corrupt Intervention?"

    No, I mean The Blight's entire power lmao

    And like I said, I just picked some of the most complained about topics. I'm entirely for DMS/PR (except on Artist I hate DMS and Artist lmao). Give me like a couple days maybe a week to think of a comprehensive list and I'll get back to you.

    Also Alch Ring + like any of his addons, that can be limited until we nerf it.

    MDR/DCB Was a combo I didn't think of, but I wouldn't mind that being restricted.

    But even if nothing currently in the game gets limited, it's a system in place for the future to allow them to make strong perks that won't break the game when combined with other strong perks, and I'm ngl I just want both sides to get good perks again. I went almost 3 years of no meaningful content (Blight right to Sadako) because the perks were bad and I didn't like the killer's. I really don't want that to happen again.

  • RaSavage42
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    1) Make base regression .50

    2) Make maps smaller

    3) Make loops have a number (the higher the number the stronger the loop)

    4) Missed skillchecks make the Gen start regressing (if the Survivor(s) leave it)

    5) make Killer activated Gen blocks regress... at .25 (but leave the Survivors to not make the Gen regress)

    Yes my changes are more Gen centered for good reason... Making these changes will allow Killers more "scary" in way of stopping the Gens from going off as easily... also gives Killers a chance to defend Gens

  • StarLost
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    Ah, I see.

    Yeah, I'm...cautious about this one. It's certainly an idea though.

  • SMitchell8
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    1. Pick 10 system for perks

    2. Killers built in pop or Brutal S

    3. Bring back old ranking system

    4. Bring back old Billy and Deathslinger

    5. Delete boons or allow killers to break them

  • El_Gingero
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    Hmm 5 changes is ofc very restrictive but if I had to choose

    Built in comms with the option to disable/ mute + something to compensate for when people don’t want to use them

    Significant buffs/reworks to the majority of the killer roster

    Rework DH

    Buffs/reworks to the majority of survivor perks

    Reduced grind

  • dictep
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    Remove noed

    dont touch anything else

  • Tiufal
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    1. Fix "killer strategies"
    2. Fix Matchmaking
    3. Fix most broken factors
    4. Rework Grind
    5. Perk overhaul
  • StarLost
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    Your name sounds familiar. Have you ever been in an Otz video?

  • malloymk
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    Congratulations. The player base has never been smaller now.

  • bjorksnas
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    1. Buff solo queue communication. Pings, showing what action they are doing, separate ping colors and aura colors for separate survivors so when you can see their auras you know whos who. Overall try and raise the level of survivor communication to work as a team.
    2. Buff most killers to be on the same level now that there is a level playing field.
    3. Change the grind, keep perk tiers but change unlockable to have a level equal to the prestige level of the killer / survivor they are the teachable of, they come pre maxed if you unlock them in the shrine, no more unlocking a perk and playing hours before being able to use it. Prestiging no longer removes addons, offerings, and perks and both sides now share a item and offering pool with their entire side (except killer addons)
    4. Change most of the anti loop abilities to be more fun / mobility instead and fix the map layouts to support this so its less killers fighting the map and designers fighting the map when making killers to killers fighting the survivors
    5. Change a lot of the perks in the game to be more useful or different. (but not overpowered) and bring some perks down like deadhard (probably remove the invincibility frames so it has to be used as a dodge rather than an invincible power eating dodge)
  • StarLost
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    Eh...I don't think this is the answer. You'd basically be removing SWF from the game, and a lot of people enjoy playing with their friends.

    I'd rather help solos get closer to the level of SWFs and balance the killers accordingly.

  • gentacle
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    1. Remove negatives from obsession perks on the killer side. (This would fix m1 killers almost instantly and do almost nothing for nurse/blight)
    2. Corrupt Intervention/BT is now base kit.
    3. Circle of Healing/Dead hard nerfed or deleted.
    4. Map rebalancing to fix a lot of the troublesome maps that either blatantly unbalanced or just subjectively unfun (like rpd)
    5. Unnerf the twins :^)
    6. since i forgot, I would consider merging all of the not really useful but flavorful perks like coulrophobia/unnerving presence into basekit for killers. same with monitor and abuse. Smaller terror radius for most killers would make the game a bit more balanced imho and when survivors are in the terror radius, they're affected by different debuffs (and the terror radius in chase is now larger to affect more gamers which means you have a bit more of 1v4 built into your base kit since survivors will heal slower and have more chances to mess up on generators etc). They're bad as perks, but would be good as basekit imho.
  • Tr1nity
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    Add Nosk then remove Nosk because hollow knight is wayyy out of dbds league.

  • tenoresax
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    2. Prevent BHVR from ever adjusting Blight again (excluding Alch Ring changes), I have 0 faith in BHVR to make good adjustments to Blight now that McLean is gone.

    3. Remove Perk Tiers.

    4. Remove BP cap.

    5. Revert Billy nerf.

  • jesterkind
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    1: I'm going to cheat a little bit and suggest a type of change rather than one specific change, but a hard overhaul for every perk, item, addon, what have you that affects generator speed in either direction. Speeding up generators shouldn't be as easy and effective as it is right now, and regression shouldn't be as potent either; they should both be options you can choose and make use of, but shouldn't have a gigantic effect on the trial.

    2: Change Dead Hard to render the user incapable of interacting with vault points or pallets in any way after activation for a few seconds, I want to say probably around eight seconds? That number would need to be tested, of course.

    3: In addition to the status-icon idea proposed for SoloQ a little while ago, allow survivors to see their team's loadouts in both the pregame lobby, and in the pause/settings menu mid-game.

    4: Change survivor spawns to ensure that they spawn together by default and occasionally in groups of two, never spread out across the map. I'm sympathetic to the argument that changing spawn logic any more than this is deceptively difficult, but based on what I know this change should be possible- it's what the Shroud of Binding does, after all.

    5: In addition to changes that more directly address the grind in the game, remove perk tiers. I understand that isn't a good enough solution on its own, but it has more than enough upsides to still be included in a wider suite of fixes.

    6: John Constantine survivor :)

  • Lochnload_exe
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    1) No more MMR, that simple, but instead add a feature that tallies the favors for each side and which ever side has a rougher time gets bonus bp. The tally accounts for maps, offerings, and the killer presented in a match. Meaning playing an inherently weaker killer always grants more bp than usual. Makes getting destroyed less miserable.

    2) Survivor perk base kits, survivor should have kindred survivor aura's base kit as well as a BT basekit even for 6 seconds. This way the perks themselves don't need to be changed, they just increase the strength of base features.

    3) Killer perk base kits, killer should get call of brine base (I love the perk but I'm still mad that this was turned into a perk and not just a base feature seeing as killer has needed it forever) but without the time limit, kicking a gen should just do 200% regression as base; and killer should also get deerstalker base imo (just remove deerstalker lol)

    4) Fix optimization. It is definitely better but it still sucks blowing up a gen or missing a shot from my power because the game has spikes in frames.

    5) Nerf pig (community has been asking about it forever tbh)

  • KerJuice
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    Somehow I don’t think killer mains and solo Que players will miss them… As long as they’re happy and the game is balanced, ppl will still play. Definitely not as much as before, but crossplay will help a lot.

    You asked how would we fix the game, and this is how I personally would fix it. Had I known there was a “right or wrong” answer, I wouldn’t have said anything.

  • humanbeing1704
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    1. Remove breakable walls only keep em for original maps or completely redesign saloon midwich and crow
    2. Buff perks way more consistently and please stop buffing bad perks to very powerful and then nerfing it for the next like 3 patches
    3. Trickster being playable with a controller
    4. Definitely shrink maps
    5. More powerful killer buffs
  • Nicholas
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    #1 Move the game to full server authority and work on the pillars of being fair and balanced regarding networking and latency. Unfair hits and misses are unfair; I'm not convinced that the Survivor should have to suffer unfair hits because The Killer has a bad connection, and hits are handled on their end.

    #2 Implement lobby and in-game ping for The Killer visible to everyone.

    #3-5 whatever else it takes to make matches as network and latency fair as possible for all five participants.

  • Zexbunny
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    1. Survivors spawn together in one place.

    2. Hook timer does not start until either the killer is 32 meters from the hook OR the killer starts a chase.

    3. generators now regress at a rate of .33 charges per second by default. Kicking a gen removes 2 charges instantly.

    4. Toolboxes no longer increase gen speed. Instead they provide protection against regression.

    5. Prestiging a character no longer removes any perks. Just add-ons and items and offerings

  • ThatOneDemoPlayer
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    "Nice exploits"

    The video, in which Otz used Twins to bodyblock an Exit Gate, where he proceeded to mald in the end game chat

  • Kurri
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    1. Add a quick message radial. Messages appear next to the survivor Icon, and consists of lines to inform your team.
    2. Remove the chat filter. Instead add a setting to enable and disable chat, that can only be changed in settings outside of a lobby and game screen.
    3. Get a better anti-hack software
    4. Killer now has to hex a dull or boon totem. When a Killer has a hex perk, the killer can see all dull totems in a yellow aura (boons auras are hidden), approaches one, and can hex it with their hex perk. Different hex perks will get different action buttons. When a hex totem is cleansed or blessed, the killer can hex another dull totem, or boon totem. They lose all stacks (if any) from the hex, and must start over collecting stacks.
    5. Remove Hatch.
  • CashelP14
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    1. Add a glyph teleport system. These sit in the 4 corners of the map and only certain killers (the weak killers) are allowed to use them. Would need tested to see how many times a killer can use these a game.
    2. Shorten the size of some of the massive maps.
    3. Lower the amount of charms that are earned in tomes. Give other rewards such as shards, bloodpoints boost and xp boost (10%, 20%, 30% etc).
    4. Perks have their middle tier removed. So perks now only have 2 tiers to get.
    5. Full add-on pass. Fix PH and Freddy add-ons while nerfing add-ons for Blight and others.

    There are lots of other things that need balanced, including perks. I choose not to include things I heard the devs are going to change, what I believe they will change, I.e Dead Hard and CoH.

    I added some changes that I personally want. I really want to see changes to tome rewards and the grind. I know I said I tried to avoid changes the devs were going to make but they've said they would look at the grind a few years now so I wasn't sure when it would happen.

  • StarLost
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  • HexDaddyissues
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    abandon the forums

    give every killer main complaining about x y and z survivor perks being over powered, a cookie




  • StarLost
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  • MB666
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    1) Map tiles

    2) Perk balance (boons in general and DH)

    3) making every perk tier 3 for less grind

    4) bringing back the old rank system

    5) optimization (we all know why) I may be crazy, but I was testing stuff and I think the new grass that they are using for the reworked maps seems one of the performance issues aswell.