What kind of killers ya’ll want?

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This is less of a “what iconic/famous slasher/killer” would you want and more of a “what kind of a power or type of killer”.

Throw in concepts if you’d like :)


  • ThatOneDemoPlayer
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    I want a Killer that's able to evolve throughout The Trial.

    It'd be even better if it was an Alien Chapter

  • Aven_Fallen
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    Something medieval like a Knight is missing IMO.

    Powerwise, mobility-Killers are the most fun to play.

  • Hi_Im_Chucky
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    Killer Doll. Literally hundreds of movies exist with Killer Dolls (I collect them). Just pick one…

  • Mooks
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    Something involving insects/spiders/bugs. Of course Candyman would be an option here with a swarm of bees as power (had imagined it similar to Artist before she was out..)

  • deKlaw_04
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  • MB666
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  • SMitchell8
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    Would like a Ghostly Knight of some sort. Agree aswell that mobility killers are more fun. Basically a Western Oni would be decent, not sure power wise though

  • Raptorrotas
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    Prison warden (or medieval gaoler) spawning spiked walls mid-vhase to hinder survivors and secondary abiluty to place down proximity traps that cage in survivors using those walls (evolve dome style)

    Getting too close to those walls adds hinder and laceration to survivors.

  • dspaceman20
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    I want a robotic killer

  • Alphasoul05
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    This game will never be complete until Jason is in it, as far as I'm concerned.

  • CashelP14
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    More killers similar to Plague and Pig. Killers that involve interacting with something around the map. Something not as annoying as Pinheads box though.

  • Shaped
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    Top tier stealth killer.

  • SuzuKR
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    A killer with a lot of mobility and strong anti-loop, but in an interactive and healthy manner that can be evenly mindgamed via skill (like Nurse and Blight).

    Non-humanoid/bipedal killers. Eg, quadrupedal or swarming formless masses, insect-like, etc.

    More cultural mythological killers, like what BHVR did with skins for Minotaur/Baba Yaga/etc.

  • C3Tooth
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    Seriously, I want a killer who can plant different type of seeds (1 as trap to damage survivor and 1 to slow them down).

  • TurboTOne
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    I once had the idea of a Gardener or Plant based Killer with Seeds as his Power. But another Person on the Forums was faster and even made designs for them in an earlier Post.

    Dont really know where it is but the Main idea is that a Killer has Seeds that can be used in different ways.

  • DriplordDrew
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    Killer Ballerina (understudy) : Her mori is to dance on your back breaking it then springing up to crush your head. She could a have a leap ability similar to victor but with the ability to clear vaults (pallets she would land on them breaking them).

    She would be brought into the fog because she attempted to become the lead by any means. The leave of her desire impresses the Entity and it see the possibility. The map would be a theatre and would have a stage and dressing rooms. The Ballerina survivor (the lead) would be her counter part and would be brought into the entity because she fought back against the understudy and so they are in an eternal rivalry.

  • gentacle
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    I want a dread knight or a corrupted paladin of some sort with a big ole claymore and they can have the dark souls roll as a mobility option :^)

  • Firellius
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    One idea I had is to have a number of lifeless objects around the map that the killer can swap control to. Like the map being littered with mannequins that could spring to life at any second.

  • jesterkind
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    More trap based killers!!

    I made a whole concept a little while ago for that combined with the aesthetic that I'd want, which is an old-timey divint suit. That'd be my perfect killer concept, though really I've liked every power they've come out with, especially recently, so anything works.

  • VoidOfMe
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    totally overrated

    there killers 1000 more fun and scary already in the game

  • MaTtRoSiTy
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    As someone who is a Nurse main when I play killer, my answer is oddly M1 killers without stupid or obnoxious anti loop powers (think Trickster, Twins etc).

    However playing the basic M1 killers is generally a pretty miserable experience if the survivors aren't babies. But for survivor chases are the most fun thing and being able to use resources on the map is very enjoyable. For killer I would enjoy these chases more if it didn't feel like there are endless pallets while gens fly at light speed.

  • GingerBeard
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    My top picks would be:

    1. A killer that revolves around fire or the freezing cold/blizzard.
    2. An AOE damage based power, either from something like explosives or fantastical like magic. Might be a good fit for a robotic killer which i've really been wanting.
    3. I would like to see a power that gets stronger if survivors are spread out. For fun I made a killer concept for Amnesia where part of the power involved a mechanic where a survivor not within a certain distance of another survivor would passively gain levels of fear/paranoia. Something like that would be interesting as it there isn't really any killer whose power focuses on making survivors stick together.
    4. A power spike killer, but the spike comes and goes on a set timer. When the power spike comes, it would visually alter the map (similar to Freddy's dream world), but it would actually have more of a gameplay impact such as warping the map, audio, as well as other things. If I could redesign Pyramid Head's power this would be the direction i'd take it.
    5. Something reminiscent of Weeping Angels for a power would also be neat. There a bunch of ways you could translate this into the game. I'm thinking something like each survivor gets their own threat that can eventually down them if they do or don't do a certain thing.

    EDIT: What the hell happened to my post??? Alright I've fixed it.

  • ThiccBudhha
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    I want a killer who actually breaks the rules of the game. Imagine if Sadako was "demanifested" the entire time and didn't need to swap modes. Would she be THAT overpowered? Not really. But she would be a hell of a lot more fun and unique and likely viable.

  • thrawn3054
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    I want a pirate. I'd love for them to have a grenado or blunderbuss.

  • Kurri
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    I want a killer that turns into survivors, and pretends to be a survivor, before turning into a creature, and killing those survivors.

    I want a killer that just straight up sky dives people from no where.

    I want a killer that is literally Spiderman.

  • That_One_Friend
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    Meh. He wouldnt add anything new. Jason doesnt have anything that the existing killers dont. If BHVR did add him, he'd just be another Sadako: a killer that recyled other killers powers. Plus we already have Trapper.

  • geni
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    A killer who can rotate loops while chasing, change structures of the trial, example, puting myers house in dead dawg saloon.

    It would be fun i guess.

    Or a killer that is really big and the entire power is that he is strong and big, so he break everything in 1 second and instadown survivors normally, but he is slower than the average killer, like 4.3.

  • Shaped
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  • SMitchell8
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    Hoping for a Spartan themed killer.

  • StarLost
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    That's a good question.

    Probably my favorite thing to play in the game is Vanity Mirror Myers. Stealthy, inexorable, strong information and aura reading.

    I also love Demo (flexible) and Hag.