yes or no? Lethal pursuer shouldn't be a perk, it should be an normal skill.


This prevents you as a survivor from repairing the engine in front of you and giving priority to chases. Or destroy hex totems in 10 seconds, I don't like it if it's a 10 second perk and then you play without one all game


  • MaTtRoSiTy
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    Nah, that would be too strong. Getting that first hook as killer is where the game changes and most killers know the common feeling of losing 2 gens fairly fast but once you get that hook the pressure starts to snowball. Being able to instantly locate survivors dramatically increases your chances of getting that first hook before a gen is even done. On strong killers like Nurse or Blight that can set the match up in your favour right from the start

  • scenekiller
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    Sure, let's gut out solo q even more.

  • kombativo
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    *insidious bubba happy noises*

  • EntitySpawn
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    *Corrupt tier 1*

  • Munqaxus
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    It's a 50/50 guess on the 2 gens most far away from the killers spawn.

  • TheSubstitute
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    Lethal Pursuer is strong enough to be worth a perk slot. It can stop the whole 3 gens in the first 90 seconds thing on the right kill

  • edgarpoop
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    It's fine as it is. Knowing spawns is part of the killer skill cap IMO. There's some RNG component to the survivor distribution, but the locations themselves are pretty static relative to the killer spawn point.

  • Rivyn
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    I actually like the idea. I'd shorten it to maybe four seconds, instead of seven, just to get the ball rolling.

  • Johnny_XMan
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  • JawsIsTheNextKiller
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    No, everyone would just play around it by running in one direction for however many seconds it is, then switching and running somewhere else. It would become an annoying start game dance.

  • gentacle
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    Lethal Pursuer basekit but it shows you members of SWFs for the first 9 seconds and honorable solo queue gamers get to hide :^)

  • Thusly_Boned
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    Lethal Pursuer is in the unenviable position of barely being worth the perk slot, but would be OP as basekit.

    You can guess the area where survivors will probably spawn with a decent degree of probability, but being able to see it precisely, and more importantly if/how they are grouped, would be too much to just have baked in.

  • Sepex
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    How about we just slap a 90 second cool down on it before it procs again.

  • SMitchell8
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    Yeah I genuinely don't get lethal pursuer at all. Its common knowledge where survivors will spawn and I find them within seconds as im sure most killers do.

  • Piruluk
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  • dugman
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    It’s all about getting the first down as quickly as possible. Sure, you’ll find a random survivor in about 30 seconds without it, but with it you will be in a chase within 10 seconds, even if they try and hide, and also know exactly where all four actually are running to for future reference. Shaving 20 seconds off the first down and knowing in advance where to go after that is worth the perk slot.

    In fact it could even be worth running both Lethal Pursuer and Corrupt Intervention simultaneously since the main weakness of Corrupt Intervention is when all four survivors try to hide it out. Yeah, you’ll be down two slots in the midgame, but you’ll have gotten a quick down in the very early game plus have already stalled the gens considerably which might be worth that midgame tradeoff.

  • drsoontm
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    Not always. Once in a while, I get spawned next to a survivor (or to the killer).

    And to answer to the original post, no. It may make the game less boring at the start but, as much as "immersive" play is annoying, it's still a valid tactic. It would also be a substantial boost for high mobility killers (e.g. Blight, Nurse with range addons, ...)

  • Sacrifeast
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    No, that would be to ok for killer that’s basically a 5th built in perk and it would make surviving much harder

  • Valik
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    It's a good perk.

    You use your perk slot for a very strong opening to the match. It's worth it in many cases.

  • katoptris
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    If you see birds fly head to that direction. You're eventually find someone in the middle or by shack side.

  • Mr_K
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    All perks should be basekit.