Why are people asking Legion to be nerfed when they're just ok still.....


I've played a bunch of legion since their buff and I gotta say.... they went from bottom tier to maybe ok. Even with his best add ons, the teams I'm going against know exactly what to do. The only time I've ever destroyed teams were from major mistakes on the survivor side of things.

I've also completely stopped going agaisnt them as survivor by like day 3. I have gone against, I believe, 1 legion in the last week and she got 1 hook.


  • DY86
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    Because they dont know how to counter him. I too think Legion is just ok a lil more annoying than before but thats about it.

  • Tiufal
    Tiufal Member Posts: 1,252

    Nobody is asking for nerfs. People are asking for less annoying gameplay.

  • gentacle
    gentacle Member Posts: 260

    i just want them to be faster and have more feral frenzy duration, personally :^)

  • Brokenbones
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    Overexposure after a lengthy period of the killer being rare and/or weak

    Same thing happened with Wraith, and Freddy

    Although I think Wraith and Freddy had an issue or two, I don't think they deserved hard nerfs. Some small tweaks, sure. I think the same of Legion as I find a few of their addons to be weirdly designed like Never Sleep Pills or Julie's Mixtape for example but overall they are perfectly fine in my opinion

  • WheresTheGate
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    To really be successful at this game and get full enjoyment requires keeping up with the constant changes and additions. There are lots of people that only play this game or any other on a casual basis.

    When I was playing this game on a regular basis I looked forward to the additions and changes. New challenges to learn and overcome were fun. Now that I only play casually those constant changes and additions are just annoying. I don't have time to learn and adapt to all of it. The changes and additions can be overly difficult to deal with for someone that's doesn't have the time and/or desire to constantly be learning something new along with learning to adapt to it all.

    I think that's likely where a whole lot of the disagreement about what is OP, what needs to be nerfed, what needs to be buffed comes from. Someone that only plays a few matches per week is likely going to find certain things much more difficult than someone that plays several matches every day.

  • squbax
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    I understand but dbd has made many killers more fun, billy and slinger come to mind and those got gutted like trouts, also I know if they make legion more fun they could repeat previous fiascos.