Why no operation health, again?

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We talk about this every update, bc it feels as though something pretty major breaks every time, and yet we still never see it. The place where this term comes from, operation health, is siege, where it worked wonders iirc.

There are a lot of unintended mechanics that just feel terrible and have somehow become routine. Bumping into a pallet as billy without breaking it doesnt even faze me anymore, bc its been around for so long.

Listen killer balance this, map design that, perk unbalance sure. But honestly this game would be 7 times less frustrating if everything worked as intended

Atleast fix rubber banding please i am in severe pain...


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    Well. The community already reacts angry when there is a midchapter which focuses on game health instead of new content. Also an Operation Health chapter would probably not bring more game health than your usual chapter as the resources can’t be increased for just one chapter.. it would just end up to be less work for the staff that usually does the new content. also one chapter focusing on game health wouldn’t do anything in the long run at all. And completely rewriting the code of the game would take years.

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    Like @tippy2k2 said, no immediate monetary gains for such an investment.

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    How to kill a game 101

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    They have Operation Health with every Mid Chapter. Every single one.

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    So funny.

    but… those creating cosmetics are not in any way hindering the game health? Actually.. they do help as cosmetics are probably the one of the biggest means for income..

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    Well mid chapters (aka operation health patches) are hit and miss.

    Sometimes its very good patch (like the last one).

    ... And sometimes Its almost worthless and its just makes people "???" Devs for their choices (Nemesis addons nerf, Twins nerfs, Buckle Up worthless buff patch)

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    Because if they committed to only releasing patches that only fix things, people would get mad there is no new content.

    People are already ignoring the massive bug fix lists that comes with every patch they put out (including chapters and mid-chapters). The problem isn't the devs not fixing health issues. It's the speed in which the devs fix things.

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    No matter what they do the game's spaghetti code will always find a way to come through.This is the only game I can think of that has such big bugs so often.

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    But sadly with every update we have some new troubles and bugs...

    Damn, they really killed the optimization in last huge update

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    Operation Health but it's just doctor buffs and nurse cosmetics for feng