Cross off without incentives. Why?

Marigoria Member Posts: 6,090

I mostly play crossplay off because it's more enjoyable for me, but it says it doesn't give you incentives? #########????


  • Seraphor
    Seraphor Member Posts: 8,935

    Crossplay off severely hinders matchmaking, the incentives are intended to improve matchmaking.

  • Kees_T
    Kees_T Member Posts: 810

    Crossplay is like "I offer myself to make other people's queues faster", so by disabling it, its like you're being rude only thinking about yourself. Its known for ages that people don't like playing with another side for some reasons.

    So I guess it makes sense to reward people with crossplay on since they don't care about who they will play with/against, but just wants to join a match asap.