Match Making Incentives not working with friends

Teslaboi Member Posts: 107

I started playing today with one of my friends and noticed that after each game of survivor I was getting significantly more bloodpoints than my friend. We noticed the "Match Making incentive" Bonus was not being applied to them post game. We swapped who was hosting the lobby and noticed that whoever is hosting a SWF group gets the bonus but not the other players. I tried this out with 2 person and 3 person SWF respectively and the trend continued.

Hope this gets a fix because it feels like we get punished for playing with friends.


  • Teslaboi
    Teslaboi Member Posts: 107

    Bumping for hopeful exposure

  • KolbyKolbyKolby
    KolbyKolbyKolby Member Posts: 606

    I guess they...finally nerfed swf?? lol though, this is a real silly bug

  • evancalgary
    evancalgary Member Posts: 90

    i thought somthing was wrong lol

  • Kees_T
    Kees_T Member Posts: 810

    It's not working even in solo, I just played a match as Survivor while the incentive as 100%, I earned 27k in that match and didn't earned the 100% incentive from that.

  • Ryzzan
    Ryzzan Member Posts: 1

    I can confirm my groupmates is not getting the incentive