I had the longest killer queue ever and when I tried to play solo q this happened..

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I waited like nearly 17 mins or something it took forever for me to play killer and in the lobby someone didn't want to press ready so everyone keeps leaving ..

Moved to play some of the doomed solo q and I had one of the most scummy nea's and trickster's, he had the red addon that exposed you quickly and he just face camped everyone, we managed to finish the gens since he tunnels and face camps but this nea didn't get hooked at all not even once and she didn't unhook anyone she's just hiding till everyone dies so she can get hatch.

Survivors are suiciding on hook and disconnecting, killers tunneling and facecamping with all the op buffs..

It's either this or 17 min killer queues, this is the first time I'm considering to leave it's not worth it.