How does everyone feel about Hillbilly right now?


Ever since Hillbilly's rework a while ago, I can't stand playing as him anymore. It just feels like everything I could end up doing with him I could do better with several other killers. Overheat makes playing certain loops really boring cause I'm basically forced to M1 instead of try to use my power in an interesting way. Admittedly, I'm not at all good with the killer, but that didn't really matter to me before. He was still really fun. These days I dread getting a daily ritual for him. Anyone else feel similarly?


  • TheGentlemen
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    It's sad I love playing against him and playing as him but the overheat makes him harder to play imo and a lot more unfun to play, so you never see him anymore, it sucks

  • Chocolate_Cosmos
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    One of the most fun killers to VS. Can't say that sadly on the killer side tho.

    He is difficult, very punishing and his rework gutted him. He has few okay addons at best. He is absolutely not worth learning for XXX hours to be good with him when you can just play Bubba who is way better and way more easier or just any other better killer than him (so like half of killer roaster).

  • danielmaster87
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    Bad killer. Only redeeming feature is his instadown.

  • Negi
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    I remember when he was S tier, how sad.

  • kaeru
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    When overheat mechanic was added I made a long saw montage in 2021 and it included my gameplay from oct 2020 - jan 2021. I was playing Hillbilly only on this period.

    It's still possible to have fun with Hillbilly but overheat made this killer much harder to enjoy. Couple of tries and you have to walk on your feet waiting your chainsaw to heat out. Old Hilbilly could use m2 attacks only as for fight and for mobility and it was fun for both sides. M2 only Billy was a respected play model.

    Devs made this killer more normal and less fun. Those who remember Billy as fun killer just don't want to play normal killer, so they switched to killers that can provide fun. New players find him difficult so we don't see much new Hillbillies around.

    For example when Deathslinger was nerfed everyone stopped playing him. But with time new Deathslingers appear because his nerf wasn't unbearable. But Hillbilly is different. His power is hard to use and overheat mechanic makes it even more difficult for you to learn it.

  • Rise432
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    Remove overheat.

  • AnneBonny
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    he is a killer in the game

  • GoshJosh
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    Same with original Freddy. 😢

  • prion11
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    sad and depressed

  • dugman
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    I’ve never liked Hillbilly much, I find his chainsaw just feels really awkward to use in a chase and his steering is pretty awful. Coincidentally I did play him twice last night for a daily ritual and won both games, but frankly I won the games mainly using basic chases and his chainsaw only got three or four total hits over the two games. I didn’t even bother using his chainsaw much for mobility either game since I ended up not needing it.

    In principle Hillbilly is fine, I just prefer Bubba to him in chases and other mobility characters to him for getting around the map. His milkman costume is pretty hilarious though. 🙂

  • TheSubstitute
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    His steering is terrible and needs to be less difficult.

    The roar and chainsaw hurts my ears and is pointless to have. I don't have an issue with the volume of Bubba's chainsaw so I have no idea why Billy is so different.

    Billy requires a huge time investment to get decent with when the same time investment could be used with many other Killers for better results.

    That said, Billy could be fun with a more generous turn rate and a lowered volume on the chainsaw.

  • Ryuhi
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    His animations don't get brought up enough, they got gutted before he even got reworked. His perspective is basically designed to be as disorientating as possible now, and even throws off your depth perception to try to force misses. I haven't played him in a while, but I certainly havent seen any fixes for that either.

  • Xernoton
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    I started playing Billy at the beginning of the year and have almost exclusively played him. The overheat mechanic really isn't such a big deal for me. It's annoying and pointless considering that his power isn't that strong to begin with but it's not his main problem. The main problem is janky hitboxes! There are so many obstacles you can't curve around tightly because of their hitboxes. It's cursed and playing him without Shadowborn is painful. Next are his addons. We have 9 awful addons, including the iridescent ones and only 3 really good addons. The Pighouse Gloves (God, I hate those!!!), Big Buckle, Off-Brand Motor Oil and the Black Grease literally do nothing in 4 out of 5 matches. I desperately tried to get some value out of them by sending me to specific maps and designing my whole build around them but it's not enough to make them shine. Often enough without engravings you will be too slow to hit a curve even if you executed it perfectly because the survivor has more than enough time to react and just go one step aside.

    The fact they removed Skybilly, which was actually supported by BHVR before, is an insult to what made Hillbilly unique. Billy's power is simple enough but it can be used in unpredicted, creative ways to get around the map better, come from different angles and even reach places that would otherwise require you to take a much longer route. It was difficult but fun and allowed players to always think of new ways to use his chainsaw. Now that they "fixed an issue" this is much more restricted. They should at least have given some buffs to Hillbilly in return to compensate this.

  • badrepo
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    He needs something, that’s for sure. I’ve gone against very good Billys and they STILL struggle to win matches.

  • Steel_Eyed
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    Hillbilly has now been in his nerfed form longer than his unnerfed form that everyone misses.

    IMO Hillbilly’s basekit remains one of the strongest kits in the game. His add ons are largely terrible. People still think Engravings are actually good lol.

    I would buff his add ons, not his kit. Make him more of what makes him good. Closer to his teachable perks. Better silent kits. Addons that give an enduring effect.

    Probably my #1 ask is to rework the overheated addons (Big Buckle, Pighouse Gloves) into versions that don’t need to be overheated. Big Buckle could be a mini Iri Brick. Pighouse could give a 25%+ enduring effect, period.

  • Mister_xD
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    They did him so, SO dirty with those changes.

    And now they went and nuked Skybilly on top, it's honestly depressing.

  • Silasy
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    Easily least rewarding killer in the game, insanely loud chainsaw sounds, terrible fov, terrible addons and an outdated basekit.

  • ReverseVelocity
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    I think the overheat mechanic is largely unnecessary to his kit and takes up addon spaces that could be used much better otherwise.

  • BenOfMilam
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    Extremely strong killer that demands high skill to be viable.

    There's a reason why Hillbilly is one of like 5 or 6 comp viable killers. It's because he's strong in the right hands.

  • My_Aespa
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    I never seen him being played anymore... I miss him :(

    The new changes didn't sit well with him clearly.

  • Tubby_Squirrel
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    I feel Billy is harder to play than Nurse, but is weaker than about half the killers in the game. At his very best, a true master of the character who knows all the spots to curve and all the best angles.... I don't see him being in even the top 1/4th of killers. Even though IMO his skill floor is one of the highest in the game.

  • Iron_Cutlass
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    As a Hillbilly main, I feel as if Billy really needs some touching up on.

    • Improve collisions zones, there is no reason for Billy to slide off of a crouching survivor.
    • Slightly increase the chainsaw travel speed by default, remove Death Engravings.
    • Rework addons, most are too horrible or gimmicky to use.
    • Fix map collisions to (Eyrie of Crows, Garden of Joy, etc) and rework maps to make their power more viable (RCPS, Lery's, etc)
    • Make turning speed with the chainsaw consistent between all sensitivity types (including Controller)
  • neb
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    hes is certainly one of the killers of all time in dead by daylight

  • AJStyIez
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    Was there ever a wake or official funeral services for him? RIP

  • Sava18
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    Tried Billy twice. More so than his kit I can't stand how clunky he feels to play and his animations. Also why play Billy when blight.

  • Marik1987
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    I play him if I have a daily, thats it.

    I dont like him, but I dont like Bubba too. Maybe Im not a Chainsaw-Killer-Friend xd

  • Tatariu
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    He feels like dogwater to play.