Why kill rates are so high



  • Zeon_99
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    And? Killers had numerous meta nerfs over the years with nothing to make up for it.

    Killer is still the hardest role to play, like it has been for 6 years.

  • CosmicParagon
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    Why is it a problem for Survivors to run three perks to counter one game mechanic, but not for Killers to make full builds to MAYBE mitigate one possible problem, while still being unable to stop several others?

  • Carnivorone
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    Hmm maybe people are quitting because BHVR decided to take the most BORING part of the game (repairing generators) and make it even MORE boring!

  • dictep
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  • Oscarnator
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    What problems? If gens go too fast you don’t need full slowdown. You play Blight and you’ll enough map pressure if you’re good enough, or any decent killer. Sounds like a skill problem.

    Any item can be counter by Franklins. Flashlights ?Lightborn. You’re playing against sabo squad? Crowd Control. SWF? Learn nurse, you’ll 4K at 5 gens. Now let’s look at survivor: Faceamped by Bubba? Dead. Tunneled? Dead, unless you can loop the killer for 5 gens AND the exit gates. Good Nurse? Dead. No work hard counters any of these only minigate. Anything a survivor can do there’s a perk or you just have to actually be good at the game to counter. Entitled mf

    . The ONLY problem is gens speeds which have been nerfed already and killers still have so many other slowdown perks.

  • cluxdx
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    Buffed gen regression? Most certainly not. If you're actually going to tell me Call of Brine (which was not buffed) or Overcharge (which now starts slower than base regression) is better than an on-command 25% kick (pre-patch Pop) or 200% regression speed without a kick (pre-patch Ruin) you're just nuts. And the 2.5% base kick is barely anything. It's quite literally only 2 seconds of work to undo it. And the freshly buffed Thana was already nerfed into the ground and is now useless on every killer except Legion and Plague.

    "Massively buffed across the board" with a .3s reduction in cooldown and .2s reduction in on-hit sprint? Oh no, what will we do? Don't kid yourself buddy. Hold W is still very much alive. You still get 24s of distance from an M1, and realistically Blight and Nurse are almost unaffected by that change anyway. If you're complaining that much about a minor M1 buff, stop running into massive dead zones like a fool.

    Longer gens did minorly buff camping, but the fact that regression is worse on average kinda makes up for the longer gen times in every non-camping scenario.

    Buffed aura perks? Are you really gonna whine about the Lethal Pursuer buff? At this point it's just sad to listen to. I try to be civil on the forums, but honestly just git gud dude.

  • Fac_attack
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    Love the act of playing survivor, but the killer being so overly advantaged these days kills the fun and excitement, and definitely any competitive nature. Then they get a false sense of security thinking they're better lol. I'm a noob pig and I get 4ks all day because of how glaringly easy it is. There's too much room for error. For starters there needs to be a far longer recovery time for missed hits. They shouldn't be allowed to suck then get another quick attempt right after missing.